Thank you to our guest blogger, Kara Rajchel, from Parity Designs! – See more at:

Thank you to our guest blogger, Kara Rajchel, from Parity Designs!

Finding work outside the home isn’t always practical. Frequent moves, and the luck of the draw don’t always lead to areas flush with your ideal career opportunities. Or perhaps you’d just rather be able to stay home with the kids (or work in your pajamas, lets be honest, who doesn’t?!). There’s the usual direct sales, tech support, customer service, and an assortment of jobs who seem just too Breadwinnergood to be true.  What if those aren’t for you? Have you considered freelancing?

Yes, freelancing! You can run your own business! Be your own boss, set your own hours, schedule and work for your self!  No matter your industry there maybe freelancing opportunities for you. Some popular industries are web design, graphic design, photography, copywriting and translation. Sound like your cup of tea?

Get Started:

Getting started isn’t hard but there are some things you must do.

     Get financial & tax advice. This part is really important, putting in the effort now to get good tax advice will save you headaches later on! Make sure your tax professional is familiar with the military!

     Gather your gear.  Whatever gear you will need for your freelancing work, make sure you get it. Maybe you already have it? Or maybe you’ll need to purchase it.

     Get legal advice. Ensure you are in compliance with all regulations your industry or your living arrangement might have. For example, if you live on base they may have restrictions on what businesses can be run from the home. Also make sure you have things like contracts prepared and ready to go.

     Get Organized. From your resume, to your portfolio to your social media accounts. Make sure everything is up to date and represents you well.  Also make sure you have all the administrative things you’ll need from invoicing apps & expense management to business cards.

Get To Work:

There are many different sites & agencies for freelancers to find jobs.




      The Creative Group

     Monster & other job sites, look for contract positions usually they are several months long and can even lead to full time employment!

     Social Media Networks


Like any job, freelance work has it’s own benefits and drawbacks. It can be incredibly rewarding, and provide you the flexibility that military life demands, all while contributing to your bottom line.

Bonus Freelancing Resources:

Freelance Switch

Freelance Folder

Military Spouse Business Association

Blue Star Entrepreneurs (part of Blue Star Families)


Kara Rajchel

Kara Rajchel is a freelance web & graphic designer, content writer and Marine Wife.  She’s a geek who loves gaming, drawing,making websites, and spending time with her cats, horse & husband.  Her site is Parity Designs, and you can follow her on Twitter @paritydesigns or on Facebook.


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