Military Spouse Employment PartnershipPRESS RELEASE: MilitaryOneClick Becomes First Military Spouse Owned Small Business to Join Military Spouse Employment Partnership, Department of Defense

Washington, DC (PRWEB) November 12, 2012

MilitaryOneClick will become the first military spouse owned small business inducted into the Military Spouse Employment Program through the Office of the Secretary of Defense on Wednesday, November, 14, 2012. The Military Spouse Employment Partnership is a expanding partnership between military spouses seeking employment and corporate partners committed to providing them meaningful and portable careers. There are over 1.2 million military spouses and 85% of military spouses want or need to work. Becoming an MSEP partner requires that companies live up to the high expectations set by the program and go above and beyond in recruiting, hiring and retaining military spouses. There are now over 70 MSEP enduring corporate partners such as, The Home Depot and Sears, who have been hiring military spouses for years. MilitaryOneClick, founded by Jennifer G. Pilcher, a military spouse married to an active duty Navy pilot, has been supporting the Military Spouse Employment Program since inception. MilitaryOneClick is a global digital media company bringing the military and community together as ONE for Opportunities, News and Entertainment. The company has a team of military and civilian spouses stationed throughout the country further supporting their military and community connection. MilitaryOneClick not only hires military spouses, they work with other MSEP corporate partners such as MetLife, USAA and Sittercity to promote the employment opportunities and resources these companies offer. According to Jennifer Pilcher, “We are thrilled to become an MSEP partner working with the Department of Defense and leading companies supporting our military spouses. As a military spouse for over 15 years and a small business owner receiving recognition from MSEP for our dedicated efforts is a huge honor.”

Kate Fosson, active duty military spouse and MilitaryOneClick’s lead web designer adds, “As a military spouse the ability to work remotely is crucial to my career. MilitaryOneClick understands my need to have a flexible schedule and I am grateful for the opportunity to be connected to a company that understands my challenges as a military spouse.” Pilcher further highlighted that Fosson’s husband just returned home from 8 months in Afghanistan and days later left with his Seabee unit stationed in Mississippi to provide Hurricane Sandy Relief in New Jersey., sponsored by General Motors Military Program, specializes in promoting jobs, special events, military discounts and more from companies who are supporting this community. Pilcher added, “the DoD is working hard to help our military and their families, however the civilian community and corporate America also plays a huge role in supporting us all. Someone said to me the other day, so you are the ‘happy site’, to which I responded, “if we are making you happy, than we are doing our job right.”

For more information please email: support(at)militaryoneclick(dot)com