Gloria Canada
Gloria Canada, ED.D

Being born and raised in a military family impacted me profoundly. I saw life through the lens of camouflage uniforms, deployments, transfers to new schools, living in military quarters, climbing through tanks on Armed Forces Day and traveling to places my “civilian” friends only read about in books. When my dad was in uniform and I held his hand, I saw people look at us and smile.

Through the years, I have found myself warmly reminiscing about those good old days. Who I am and what I have become is largely due to the values, respect, and courage I witnessed from both my parents; my father being a soldier and my mother being his true teammate.

It wasn’t always easy being “the new kid in school” or having my dad deployed for months at a time, but I learned so much. These are unique experiences that shaped my personality and outlook on life. I want to expose all children to the specialness of what it is like being raised in a military family.

I wrote, MY HERO DOESN’T WEAR A CAPE, to thank and honor our past, present and future military families. All author royalties will be donated to organizations that support veterans and active duty military and their families.

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I grew up as one of four children in a military family. I live in San Antonio, Texas with my husband Tom and our two large labs Chula and Murphy. I LOVE dogs!
I have spent over thirty years in the field of education working as a teacher, principal, consultant and adjunct professor. My doctorate was earned from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.