Navy gives sailors more time to choose next jobs
(Photo: US Navy, Jason Pastrick)

Sailors will gain an additional three months to negotiate their next duty station orders, according to a Navy announcement issued earlier this month.

The extension from a maximum of nine months to 12 months gives sailors more time to communicate with their detailers and a broader range of job options.

Additionally, the new policy allows input from the Navy’s global theater commands and warfare communities, which the service hopes will create better job fits.

The commands “have a say which orders are filled now with the new system,” said Petty Officer 1st class Shaneka Cromartie, a Navy career counselor. “They get to look at what’s coming out and who gets to fill the jobs. Before they didn’t.”

Currently, sailors normally begin to negotiate orders seven to nine months prior to their transfer date. They apply for orders within three one-month time frames, view available billets on a website and then apply for jobs of interest.

Although the new policy makes each negotiation window two months, sailors still receive only three chances to negotiate.

The new policy takes effect Oct. 1.

By Jason Behnke, Stars and Stripes


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