This new magazine seeks to inspire military families at every point in their journey
(Photo: Courtesy of Legacy Magazine)

Every culture has it’s own set of publications. . . and the military community is no different. From websites to newspapers to blogs to magazines, military families have a wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience at their fingertips. And there’s soon to be a brand-new addition to those periodicals. We sat down with Abi Ray, the founder and editor-in-chief of Legacy Magazine to talk about the project.

Ray, an Army wife, has been dreaming of this possibility since 2015. With a professional license in marriage and family therapy and an emphasis “on how these areas are related to military culture” as well as a background in writing, photography, and marketing, she imagined a publication that could provide inspiration to military families.

“During the early stages of my research, I recognized the lack of a centralized publication that celebrated the variety of meaningful paths available to our unique service member families,” Ray says. “I saw the opportunity to curate the inspiring stories of celebration, transition, and growth in a tasteful and uplifting way.”

In 2016, Ray and a team of other military spouses began planning and creating the foundation of Legacy Magazine. “Our vision for Legacy Magazine is to offer the voice of a friend and mentor during times of celebration, transition, and growth,” Ray says. “We believe truth is attractive and that individuals are hungry for substance and depth amidst all the noise. We seek to inspire the greater military community to come alongside one another and encourage each other in embracing the season we’re in.”

The first issue–volume 1–can be preordered through Legacy Magazine’s Kickstarter. The publication will be available in print and digital Ray says that the core of the publication lies with a strengths-based approach and features personal narratives, interviews, photography, and other submissions from writers, artists, and photographers from within the military community. The first volume will feature interviews and articles from creative notables in the military community such as Cameron Cruse, co-founder and COO of R.Riveter, and Lara Casey, the editor-in-chief of Southern Weddings Magazine.

At the time of writing, Legacy Magazine’s Kickstarter project had raised $14,165 with a $15,000 goal. There are still 14 days to go. Ray is thrilled by the response, saying, “we’re moved by the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding this project and are delighted to have the opportunity to share this endeavor, meant to uplift the families that serve our country, with our greater communities!”

By J.G. Noll