In this episode, we talk about cats walking on keyboards, finding good resources, and the challenges of managing a team across the world with Jennifer Pilcher.

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The Pre-Brief: Our guest today is Jennifer Pilcher. Jen is a Speech-Language Pathologist turned military spouse entrepreneur and is the founder of Jen is a 15-year Navy spouse and her mission at MilitaryOneClick is to enhance the lives of military families and friends of the military community in just one click!


  • Jen’s Connection to the Military Community:  Jen met her husband when he was a Plebe (Freshman) at the United States Military Academy and he promised that the Naval journey would only last four years. Now, 15 years later, her husband is a pilot and Jen is the proud owner of Military One Click.
  • Business idea: Jen was a certified Speech Pathologist, which was a great career, but it was difficult to go through the state license process every time she moved. After one move, she got a job as a social media manager and found herself collecting links to various resources that would help the 70% of military members that live off base. After referring person after person to various destinations on the web, Jen decided that there needed to be one place where people could access all these resources.
  • First Steps: Jen went to and bought the name MilitaryOneClick, as well as the domains around that name. Then she found a military spouse to do the web design and launched the site in 2012. Since then the site has grown to what it is today and Jen has a team of eight people.
  • Teachable moment: Jen talks about what it is like to manage a team that is spread out across the United States and how she uses resources like Google hangouts, email, and instant message to run
  • Highlight: Jen built out her team with the mentality of adding a new team member every time she added a sponsor and each hire brought a new skill set to the company.
  • Quote: Henry Ford on Building Teams – “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”
  • Answers for the BIG 5

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