Happy New YEAR! Can you believe it’s 2020 already? Did the year fly by for you? It sure did for me.  

Every new year, we set goals. One of my goals is to set boundaries and sticking to them.  

A couple of weeks ago, hubby and I were talking about a few of our 2019 goals. I admitted that I got sidetracked with a few of my goals and fell short. He asked why I thought I fell short. Then he quickly said, “don’t make excuses.”  

Well, that caused me to pause even longer because I had lots of excuses to blurt out.  

After pondering through my 50 million excuses, I realized most of not obtaining my goals was because I did not have firm boundaries. Yes! You read that correctly. I was ALL over the place with my time. It’s ok to tell others that you’re unavailable.  

I struggled with that one simple word. NO!  

No to family. No to friends. Being able to say No to requests that came my way. I struggled with “missing” out or not being seen as wanting to help others. But you know what? I was drowning.  I was failing my family and myself.  

We should help others, and as military spouses, we know the importance of lending a hand or two. But there also MUST be boundaries.  

Boundaries with your time. Boundaries with money (if you have children, you feel me here). We should have boundaries for everything.  

So, as you step into 2020 as a NEW YOU, be sure to set those boundaries and stick with them!