NMFA releases 2018 scholarship applications for military spouses
(Photo: Unsplash, Rochelle Nicole)

The National Military Family Association, a national organization well-known for their advocacy and programs on behalf of military families, has opened their application window until January 15, 2018 for career, education, and business funding. NMFA scholarships and grants average $500 for career, $1,000 for education and $1,000 for business funds. If you want to become a licensed mental health professional, up to $2,500 is available.

In order to apply for these funds, you must be a current military spouse or a divorced military spouse who is receiving 20/20/20 or 20/20/15 benefits. Dual-serving military spouses are also eligible, as are spouses of retired, medically retired, wounded, or fallen service members. Spouses of Reserve or National Guard members are also able to apply.

According to NMFA, money awarded to applicants can be used in the following ways:

  • Certification programs, fees, and exams
  • Licensure exams and fees
  • Spouse-owned business expenses
  • Non degree certifications and professional advancement classes
  • Vocation, technical, and trade schools
  • Continuing education credits
  • Clinical supervision required for mental health professional licensure
  • GED, high school diploma, and ESL classes and exams
  • Associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees

To apply for funding, applicants must first create an online profile through NMFA. Click here to learn more about the scholarship opportunity and to apply.

By J.G. Noll