You know it’s terrible when a child brings a plant home as part of a school project and tells you NOT to touch nor look at it because they need to keep it alive.

Or when you’re known at the store because you’re always buying a new plant because you keep killing them.

If this is you, you’re NOT alone. I’ve tried all kinds of plants. The easy to care for, hard to kill plants don’t even survive in my house.

Buy a Succulent, they say. I listened and killed it. SMH

Everyone in my house finds it humorous and cringes every time I walk in with a new plant. They have bets on how long each plant will survive under my care. Yeah, my family is brutal. One of my kids said, “Hey, mommy does a good job with humans and dogs. Just not plants.”

I take that as a compliment. I think.

Do you have a green thumb? If so, what are your favorite plants, and what’s your secret?