Peer pressure is when one conform to the behaviors, attitudes, and personal habits of a group to fit in.

Have you talked to your teens about falling for peer pressure to avoid becoming a victim of the mean girl group? It happens with boys as well, but I don’t have any real experience dealing with it from the son’s perspective.

When our children begin a new school, there’s a lot of trial and error with finding their friend group. The mean girls can zero in pretty quickly on a new kid. They’ve observed and have all the details needed to make their move.

As the new kid, it’s often pure joy that someone is “including” them. We discuss how it’s important to go with your gut and take note of how the new “friends” treat one another and other peers. Don’t be a follower, and don’t feel like you MUST treat others poorly to be included in the “cool” girl group.

Teens “know” everything (you hear the sarcasm, right?). They may shrug you off, but don’t stop reminding them to NEVER fall for peer pressure.

Do you remember your peer pressure years? Wait! Adults are faced with peer pressure too. Do you talk to your kids about peer pressure?