April 11, 2016

J is up for orders as soon as he gets home this fall.  We really, really want to stay here, but there are no jobs here for him.  The latest billet list came out last week and we have been doing the orders dance ever since.

There are two jobs in D.C., one in Newport, Carlisle, PA, Millington, and Pensacola.  At this point we are looking at these locations for six years, not three.  We want to get E and G through high school.  If that means J has to finish this next tour and get out, than that is what he will do.  If there is an option for follow on orders, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

Figuring Out Our Next Assignment: The Orders DanceLooking at a location for a solid six years is scary!

I like to move every couple of years and up to this point so do the kids.  With six years in mind, I quickly said no thank you to Pensacola and Millington.  I’m not too sure about Carlisle either.  I have never been there.  It puts us closer to family, but is that where we want our kids to graduate?  Feel free to share any thoughts about Carlisle, PA.

We are weighing pros and cons, emailing back and forth like crazy people, and emailing friends in the D.C. area to ask about high schools (which is crazy by the way).

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I thought I had NoVA all figured out.  We lived there when the boys were in elementary.  We would live in Arlington and the boys would go to Washington-Lee High School.  J had other thoughts.  He does not want the boys to go to a big school.  Well that one is big–2,400 big.

This poses a problem for that area of our country.  NoVA has great schools, but they are huge!  I think I may have found a niche where we will both be satisfied: the City of Falls Church. (Wait…why am I sharing my new secret?)  I guess because I am hoping you are all going to write back and say,  “That sounds like an awesome choice!”  Anyway, the City of Falls Church has good, nice-sized schools and keeps me close to the city and my friends.  I don’t want to live an hour away.  I want J home!

Well, what about Newport?  We lived there for a year and LOVED it.  I think J and I would both agree, it was our favorite year in the Navy.  However, I am not sure I want the boys to go to school there.  The schools aren’t the best.  There is very little opportunity for follow on orders, but the beach sure is awesome.  Man, I am going to miss the beach!  Six years in that little town may be too much for me.

Please by all means, share your thoughts with me.

Figuring Out Our Next Assignment: The Orders Dance

I hate this time every couple of years.  I don’t want to make grown-up decisions.  Why does the Navy have to give us options?  That sounds funny, doesn’t it?  Really though, it was so much easier when they said, “You must report here on this date, no questions asked.”  Plus, then if we make the wrong choice for our kids, we could blame the Navy.

Ugh, I am so torn right now.  I am just keeping my fingers crossed that something spectacular will open up in paradise!