Gold Star spouses, we see you and stand with you
(Photo: DoD, Army Sgt. James K. McCann)

By Team MOC

Gold Star spouse, we see you.

We have never stood in your shoes and words seem so inadequate in the face of your sacrifice. All the same, we need you to know that we see you.

We see you and our hearts break for you.

You are part of the spouse sister- and brotherhood. We have been bound together by loving someone who served something higher than themselves. We know the frustration of orders, the excitement of PCSes, the loneliness of deployment, the tenacity of our community. We share those things; we are more alike than different, no matter what our backgrounds are, our religions, or the color of our skin.

The truth is, for those of us who know a Gold Star spouse, sometimes we don’t know exactly what to do or what to say. Any one who has ever been a military spouse has worried about that moment. We’ve wondered what we would do, how we would act, what would happen next. But when faced with your enormous loss, we sometimes are

The truth is, too, that many of us don’t personally know a Gold Star spouse. While we can guess and imagine, we don’t know exactly what your burdens are. We don’t know what your life is like.

But that is not a conjecture for you. For you, it’s your daily reality. Your spouse gave everything. And you bear the weight of that sacrifice.

But it is also true that you are forever part of our community. You are here to stay. You have a perspective that we all need to hear. When the drums of war grow loud, when the sacrifice of the military community is forgotten, when the pain of conflict is muted to civilians, your voice rings true and clear.

We see you and we stand with you. And we will always be by your side.