Over the next month, we will be going on the final PCS journey with an Army family of 10, the Glens!

Meet the Ten Glens
Blog #1 Pictures_2 includedAndy, recently retired from the Army after 30 years of service as a Field Artillery Officer and Professor at USMA and Lisa, retired from the Army Reserves in 2006, lead the family of ten. The 2 met as West Point Cadets in the 1980’s and fittingly transitioned from the service in the same place! Andrea, 22, recent college graduate traveling with the family for a last hurrah and working toward a Masters in Speech Pathology; Rebecca, turning 20 on the road, and looking forward to a year in the special needs program in Colorado before job placement; Mary, 17, recent high school graduate on a 4 year ROTC Scholarship to the University of Dallas; Grace, 15, high school Sophomore; Gabriel, 13, 8th Grade; Anna, 10, 5th Grade; Michael, 8, 2nd Grade; Claire, 4, pre-K.

The Ten Glens – Our final military move!
We’ve left West Point amidst gallons of tears and many tough “goodbyes” and “until we meet agains”. We’ve lived there for 13 years as a family (Andy also lived there twice as a kid and both Andy and Lisa were there for 4 years as Cadets and again for 3 years as faculty in the mid 1990’s), so this is especially tough. We are relocating to Monument, Colorado and (mostly) all of us are excited – and a bit anxious – about the changes to come. Because we are not constrained by leave (and because we’re building a home that isn’t ready yet!), we are taking 5 weeks to visit friends and family, explore some of our Nation’s landmark stops off the beaten path. We’ll also stay in a few La Quinta Inns and Suites in order to take advantage of their special military incentive programs.

Stop One – Davidsonville, MD. Although a little too close to the Naval Academy (Go Army, Beat Navy!!!), we decided to make ourBlog #2 Picture_1 included first drive a short one and stay with some great Army friends. Why they live so close to the rival school is another story… We dried our tears, (over)loaded our 15 passenger van and watched West Point disappear in our rear view mirrors. Before I could even say “someone take a picture”, two of the girls had cell phones at the ready and snapped pictures of Thayer Gate through the side window (the back is too full of our stuff). As soon as we arrived at our friends, we jumped into swimsuits and started our vacation in earnest.

Stop Two – Williamsburg, VA. This was another relatively short journey to visit friends and say some East Coast goodbyes. Rebecca’s Godparents served as mentors to us throughout cadet years and through current times. We’ve seen their children grow up and were able to spend time with those same “children’s” children. Five of the kids enjoyed Busch Gardens and we all enjoyed walking through Colonial Williamsburg.

Stop Three – Robins AFB near Warner-Robins, Georgia. First the Navy, then the Air Force! For anyone mapping our trip, it probably doesn’t seem like we’re heading to Colorado! Andy’s brother and his beautiful family of 7 live here. We’ve been blessed to see them a lot because they were previously stationed at Hanscom AFB in MA. Many of our little ones are close to the same age and it’s wonderful to see them immediately run off and play together. We’ll spend 4 nights here and then hit the road for a visit to Vicksburg, Mississippi and onward to the big “D”!


Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of this fabulous road trip!