A new school year or a new job brings on new routines.

I practice the full morning routine during any extended breaks. Kids heading back to school after summer or Christmas break. Even with a PCS, when hubby takes leave to enjoy the moving process. I need to practice waking up to the new time. There’s no denying it. I sleep in during summer break, winter break, or PCSing time during the travel to the new duty station. And this gal has to get her life together before facing the hustle and bustle in full swing.

So, this is what I do to practice that new morning routine.

~ set that alarm clock for the time I need to get up. And actually, GET UP! Ok, I lay there for a few minutes to read the news. Favorite news channel – Facebook News. Lol. What did I miss while sleeping?
~ nod my head as hubby tells me if he has a regular day or a long day – I won’t remember.
~ get dressed (I feel better when I get dressed. I have a bit of pep in my step)
~ start a load of laundry
~ walk the dog
~ enjoy a cup of coffee
~ during my “practice” time, I enjoy the silence.

This is when it’s usually a madhouse in my home. Not because the kids need me to help them get out the door, but because I feel the need to insert myself into whatever they are doing because they are not moving fast enough for me. I’m going to practice being quiet this year. I will sit and continue sipping my coffee until they go to walk out the door and give me a hug and kiss on the forehead. The rest of the day seems to go as usual, regardless.

But here’s the thing about my practice. Have you ever watched a little league team? The team practices offense and defense. They practice it every week. But game day comes, and the entire team is trying to take the ball away from their teammate or going in the wrong direction. Well, yep. That’s me! All the practice is out the window. After that first week, the snooze button is hit three times before I rollover. I’m yelling at everyone to hurry up. I will get dressed, but it may be after everyone has left for the day. Walk the dog? No, Carlos! You’re way too chipper first thing in the morning. Go to the backyard for your morning pee. We will walk after breakfast.

What does your morning routine look like? Do you practice it after a long break or before the start of a new job at a new duty station–if you have a few days between the move and work? Do you actually stick to your “routine?”