New Year, new goals — this is a common theme we think about each January. Whether you make a formal resolution or just aspire to be something bigger and greater, you stop and consider what you want to accomplish in the upcoming year. But as a military spouse (or active member yourself) this comes with its own set of challenges. Your own goals are limited to the confines of what you can accomplish while attached to the military.

For instance, you likely won’t have control over where you live. You may not have a spouse who will be able to help with household or parenting responsibilities through training events or deployments. Your support system changes with each move, and more. 

But just because making goals might be different as a milspo, doesn’t mean they are any less worth making. In fact, it’s all the more reason to have personal goals! There is so much in your life that you can’t control, that having something to focus on where you CAN control will bring much fulfillment to your life. 

From creating a new business, to growing personally, to creating and accomplishing your fitness goals, personal milestones should be one of your ongoing focuses to create a better you.

Here’s why:

  1. Personal Goals Help You Grow

You might have far off wishes about things that you wish were true, but without actually going after them, that’s all they’ll ever be. Personal goals allow you to go after certain achievements that you have and to bring them to light. Stop wishing about what you want to be true and make it a priority. 

Actually making a goal is the best way to create a better version of yourself; you are worth the effort, so start focusing on yourself!

  1. It’s Something For YOU!

How many milspos get tasked with taking care of the family single-handedly? There are kids, pets, maintenance that needs to be scheduled, and more. There’s so much to be done that it can leave little time for yourself. Giving so much is exhausting — we get that — and sometimes it’s easier to give up at the end of the day. 

However, it’s also important to have something for yourself. Focusing on you can bring joy and fulfillment to your world that’s otherwise consumed with doing things for others. Give yourself the opportunity to do something you enjoy and let it draw your happiness. 

  1. It Gets You Places

Are your goals personal? Great! Focusing on X and Y will leave you better off than you were before. If your goals are professional, also great! You can become a better-skilled worker or a more qualified entrepreneur. The point is that whatever your goals may be, reaching them gets you places. Spending time on anything worth having will only help you achieve more. Don’t be afraid to put in the time and effort to create your own fulfillment. 

  1. Show Others Time on Yourself is Worthwhile

You never know who might be looking up to you: your kids, your young relatives, entry-level co-workers, fellow milspouses. Showing others what you can do with a little self-focus is a great way to be encouraging. They’ll see what you have done and be inspired to take on something for themselves. It’s a great way to help lead, even if you aren’t meaning to. 

In the same light, follow other milspouses and see what they have accomplished in order to find your own growth in what all they’ve done. 

  1. It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Being a military spouse (or member) comes with a lot of frequent blows. There’s not a lot you can count on, other than things continuing to change. Over time, this can do a number on your mental health and your sense of stability. However, you can focus on something for yourself in order to bring a much-needed ray of light to any looming darkness. Do something that makes you happy and it can improve your mental health and bring joy to your life. 

There are many perks to keeping goals as a milspo — what are your favorite ways to keep and reach your own goals?