Every year, we always have a huge family gathering and watching the 4th of July fireworks but this year we did something a little different. Everything was still the same, maybe I was a little different. Besides Christmas, this is my favorite holiday, I love all colors of this flag, red, white and blue. Even around Christmas, I have a patriotic tree. If you want to learn more about America’s history, I suggest taking a trip back in time down at Williamsburg, it is pretty hot there, but it is a GREAT place to visit. I love that town!

I was able to slow down and enjoy my family and friends on this special holiday. I wasn’t rushed this year, and maybe it was well organized than previous years. I was able to reflect on all the issues happening in the world, and looking at countries and saying to myself, “I am glad I am a citizen of the USA”. I am glad I can freely voice my opinion, or my right to vote, or being a woman, going to work and being looked upon as equal. Maybe it’s the fact that I live in the nation’s most infamous suburb, and I pass by the founding forefathers each day on my way to work. But something this year is different, I have a deeper respect for our freedom, a deeper understanding of the meaning, “give me liberty or give me death” (as I have wept at many funerals for our military personnel who has given that ultimate sacrifice). Still I see this long road ahead of us in foreign lands and I am saddened, afraid and angered, that there could be evil out there lurking, preying upon us. We need the military and their leaders to move towards 21st century thinking, we are way past the cold war and in a new war.

On Friday, we celebrated our independence from the tyranny of oppression from kings, dictators, and those who would bring us harm. Indeed, we recognized how fortunate we are to live in this great land.  A land based on the principles of justice, integrity, and perseverance. On that day, we reflected on those who through great sacrifice, keep us in the cradle of freedom.  We honored those to who we are indebted; the brave men and women who stepped forward to ensure we would never again live in constant fear. The words of our National Anthem, written 200 years ago, still ring true today.  This is, and always will be the land of the free, and the home of the brave.


Crystal Cavalier
2011 Army Spouse of the Year, MSM
Founder of Army Tankers Wife Blog