Have you ever walked into someone’s house and marveled at the décor? I often get envious when someone has a beautifully matched living room set and curtains that match! I keep thinking that I’ll be able to do that when we reach our forever house.

But then there are people who walk into my house and absolutely love the special touches we’ve put on things due to my husband’s time in the military. There are some things that can easily be found in a military household – and I’m not just talking about boots by the door and a PT belt draped over the armrest.

Polish Pottery – Spouses years before us would travel to Poland from Germany and Italy to build their Polish Pottery collections. Now we can buy them almost anywhere. But the stories I’ve heard about the bus trip seem to get wrapped up in each of those pieces. The unique designs, the envy when someone else displays a piece you don’t have yet. Polish Pottery is a talking point in any military household.

Beer Steins – One thing you’ll see in my house the second you walk in is the collection of beer steins. We lined the top of our kitchen with them, making sure you can see the really ornate ones and the more subdued glass ones. They all tell a story, they all have a memory, and they are easily the number one thing we’re asked about when someone comes to visit.

American Flag something – I know, I know, not every military family is outwardly and fiercely patriotic, but there’s a trace of Americana décor somewhere. Some of us keep it to an “I love me wall” and others let it sneak in all over. We have one room that features Americana décor, along with some of the more fun plaques and framed paperwork.

Family pictures in fun places – When I walk into a friend’s house for the first time, I like to look for the family photos and the stories behind them. The one taken at the Eiffel Tower or on the Great Wall of China. The one of one parent and the kids taken while the other was deployed. Toddlers sitting in tulips. I love learning about where someone has lived through their family photos.

What sorts of things in your house represent your military journey?