Runner’s High and Low

Thank you to our guest blogger, Rebekah Spotts, for sharing her story with us!  Now go get your sneakers on!

Registration for the Marine Corps Marathon, “The People’s Marathon” opens next month.  Last year, I ran it, I loved it, I killed it!  This year, my mojo is gone and I’m wondering where it went.  I have heard that sometimes after a marathon that you lose your pep.  That’s understandable, but that doesn’t happen to me.  I’ve been running since college, over 20 years!  I don’t fool myself into thinking I qualify as a “runner” (those people are obsessed after all), but I train, I pace, I hydrate, I sweat, I finished that frickin’ marathon, but now?  Three and a half months later, I’m trying to tell myself that as long as I run, no matter the mileage, it’s good, it’s the consistency that counts, but there are days when three miles seems like a chore, a “when will this end?” and “how did I ever keep going for 26 miles?”, dragging my legs through mud kind of run.  I don’t want to whine, I am running, but what happened to the joy, the fun, the “if I can do this I can do anything” attitude?

I think I need a running partner.  When we lived in New Hampshire I had a pretty steady “date” with a friend down the road and we’d get up before the sun to meet, talk and run.  If we were lucky, the runs went quickly, we solved some problems and we were home before the kids ate breakfast.   Some days we put half the kids on the bus and pushed the other half in jog strollers around our neighborhoods, stopping occasionally to pick things up that somehow got flung out of one stroller or another.

Since we moved, I don’t have a regular partner, nor even an occasional one and I am using that as my excuse to be satisfied with any effort at all.  I don’t have anyone but me waiting to get that run in, so I can put it off until later in the day but then one thing leads to another and…I don’t get it in!  Now I must make a date with myself, I’m pretty good company after all, I can have conversations in my head and it is important to stay healthy for my kids, right?  Unless I find another partner in crime, so…anyone want to run a marathon with me??



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