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Welcome to our guest blogger, Sara Gibbs, from thredUP .  Continue reading to find a special offer for our readers.

ThredUPIf there’s one thing that MilSpouses are great at, it’s doing more with less.  So how do you keep up with your need for bigger and bigger kids’ clothing when your paycheck seems smaller and smaller the more your kids eat? Kids grow out a set of new clothes every 6 months.  By age 17, kids have dwarfed over 1,300 items and parents have spent nearly $20,000 on kids’ clothes.  Buying awesome quality, practically new clothing you can go green and SAVE green!  Options abound for saving money while finding new-to-you kids’ duds, both on post and off. 

Your base thrift shop is a fantastic first stop when you’re in the market for up-sized outfits.   You can bring your too-small clothes to donate, and hit the racks to find some fashionably-used-but-still-useful threads.  There’s an incredible sense of satisfaction that comes from helping families within your own community, and it’s super convenient to have a one-stop drop for delivering all of your outgrown, in-season clothes.  Often run by the local spouse club, base thrift shops’ profits generally get returned right back into your base community in the form of scholarships, wounded warrior donations and funding for post-sponsored kids’ programming. 

Over 20 billion pounds of clothing and textiles are tossed into landfills each year.  The new initiative to green up the economy has resulted in some revolutionary online options for securing new-to-you frocks, some without ever having to leave your house.  One such company is thredUP, a military-friendly service that allows you to buy top quality consignment clothing FROM HOME!  ThredUP ships to APO/FPO addresses as well as domestic ones, and maintaining an enormous, diverse cohort of military and civilian members enables thredUP to host the largest online collection of like-new kids’ duds in the nation.

Other web-based options for selling your used clothes item by item include, and  With these sites you will need to take individual pictures of your items, generally list them one at a time, and coordinate either home pickups or figure in postage to your sale prices.  These enormous sites allow for a large selection of clothing, and gear and great visibility for your sale items as well.

If you’re up for a drive, local economy consignment shops will pay you for selling your old clothes while you shop for new ones.  They will probably pay you between 25-35 cents on the dollar of what you paid for each garment new.  You might have to take a trip back to pick up anything that doesn’t sell, but consignment prices can be significantly less than retail at most locations.   You’ll need to bring your articles for sale in whatever specific condition the shop outlines (perhaps on individual hangars, folded by size and season, etc). 


So many choices!  How do you decide which choice is the right one for YOU?  How do you free up precious storage space in your too-small closets and take weight off of your move allotment by finding a home for outgrown clothing, even between siblings?  You might consider what factors are the most important to you, and which the least given your family commitments:


            ~ Ease in shopping, whether online (at home) or off the rack

            ~ Ease in off-loading, whether you are donating or selling

            ~ Time, time, time – what do you have the time to do?

            ~ Quality Control – who is responsible if you get some dud clothes?


No matter which choice is right for you, embracing a lifestyle that favors purchasing gently used clothing allows you to teach your kids the importance of green living and lighten your family’s overall eco-footprint.  By sharing what we already have, parents can take a huge step towards sustainability.   Savvy Milspouses the world over are saving thousands by greening up their closets with pre-loved kids’ clothing.  Join the green revolution, and get saving today!

In honor of our military children this April

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Sara Gibb is mom to three future Navy Goats, and shepherds the military community at  She is a regular contributor to her local Navy thrift shop and die-hard Navy football fan.


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