When is the last time you’ve taken a day to do NOTHING?  

Doing NOTHING from time to time is a good thing. A day without having a full schedule is good for the mind, body, and soul.  

I know some people struggle with taking a day off. If you fall into that category, I have another option for you that I will talk about in another post soon.  

Not having every moment of your day scheduled is one of the best self-care tips to have in your back pocket.  Take a day to prop your feet up. Binge watch a T.V. show, take a nap, do something YOU enjoy. 

Mark a day off on your calendar. Do not schedule anything on that day. No shopping, no kid’s activity. Heck, stay in your pajamas all day and relax! 

We have adopted the belief of having idle time as a negative. But, it doesn’t have it be. Try to take the time to relax and give yourself a do nothing day!