Bobbi's First KissThank you to Bobbi Pack from MyMilitarySavings for this overview of our shopping, deals and discount resources!

That is what MilitaryOneClick offers for our service members (active and retired) and their family members.  Whether you are a “rookie” or a “veteran” to the military world, MilitaryOneClick can help you out.  I remember when I first married my soldier many years ago…I do not come from a military family so I really had no clue what I was getting into.  I sure as heck had no clue there were military discounts on so many things from restaurants to travel.  I was amazed!!


We all know what happens when you marry a soldier: you go to DEERS to get your military ID card, Tricare to set up your insurance, and if you are wanting to live on post you head over to housing.  However, no one ever told me about the incredible discounts I was eligible for… Why?  Well, I’m not sure.  That was a long time ago.  I am just glad I eventually found out. 


We at MilitaryOneClick don’t want you to go another day not knowing about the awesome deals and discounts you are eligible for as a military family.  Here is a quick overview of what you can find on the Shopping, Deals & Discounts page:


1. You have to start somewhere…right?….So why not start here:


2. You need to know what deals I am even talking about…right?…Once you are on the page (link listed above) scroll down a little and you will see our best kept secret….Shopping Discounts!! Shopping is my favorite thing to do… I know I can’t go shopping every day…(though that would be super fun)  There are so many listed from my favorite store Aeropostale (10% off)  to my kiddos favorite, IHOP (10% off)!! There are over 30 discounts listed…Can I get a Woot-Woot!?!


Sittercity Logo3.  There are also many discounts on things that are not so much a want but a need.  For example, did you know H&R Block at Home offers free Tax filing for service members?…YES! And thanks to MilitaryOneClick I can file my taxes and not spend a ton of my hard earned money.  Also, if you are in the market for a babysitter for a special night out with your spouse or partner Sittercity offers free membership for military families.  Now that is what I call a jackpot!


 4. Okay, so you have gone on your date night and now it is time for the family night out….but, if you are like me…you are on a really tight budget, and as much fun as the movies are they are super expensive! So keep scrolling down the Shopping, Deals & Discounts page and you will find deals from everyone.  From free bowling to incredible commissary deals for those nights when you just feel like staying in for a homemade pizza carpet picnic. 


5. I have been through several deployments with my soldier and I can tell you from experience those care packages can get really expensive…especially when your soldier likes at least one a month….my pocketbook was saying “good gravy!”  We have you covered in that department too with our Gifts for Deployed Service Members section.  You will find so many really fun things from Homemade Gifts to Holiday Wish Books.  I actually used many of these services during our last deployment and they are wonderful.


6. Last on the list of your little guide is Gifts for Kiddos with Deployed Parents.  My kiddos have gone through all of the deployments right by my side Bobbi Shopping Blogand as much as I want to admit they handled it well….it gets really hard on them.  Regardless of age…my ten year old hurts just as much as my thirteen year old.  Even though my teenager wants to pretend she is the strongest child alive…she is not. That is where these deals come in handy.  I purchased them both a Camosock (Military Christmas Stocking)  and they loved it! These stocking are so cute and handmade….my son loved how it was ACU print (just like Daddy wears). I also purchased both kiddos Daddy Dolls and it was a life saver! My son has the one of his daddy in uniform and my daughter has the stuffed cat with the t-shirt.  My son slept with his the entire deployment, he even took it on sleepovers.


So, there you have it a quick guide to help you see all we have to offer on our Shopping, Deals & Discounts page.  Now, don’t even think for a second we have every discount out there on our page…but we sure want to!! That is where we need your help, if you know of a discount we do not have listed please send us an email with all the details, We hope you find our Shopping, Deals & Discounts page to be extremely helpful, as I sure know I do…I still use it! I have one more favor to ask of our fans.  If you know of a military family that is not aware of the deals and discounts available to them…send them this article….they will thank you!



Bobbi Pack is a contributing writer for MilitaryOneClick. Bobbi has over ten years experience in marketing and broadcast as well as a BA from Ottawa University and an MSM from Baker University. Bobbi has many years experience being a military spouse and loves to share her experiences, challenges and highlights with other military spouses.


Bobbi is the proud wife of Mike, an active duty Army Soldier and mother of two amazing Army Brats and two loving four-legged Army Brats. Bobbi is currently stationed with her family in North Carolina and is loving every minute of it. You can check out more of Bobbi’s blogs and military deals and discounts at