Schools and TDY: Should You Go With?

Do you travel with your spouse as they attend short-term schools or reassignments?

Milspos are no stranger to relocating, but when you’re moving just to move again, sometimes it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Then again, when your spouse is going to be gone a year or more, that’s an extremely long time to be away from a loved one.

So what do you do? Travel back and forth? Or pack up and move? This decision is made more difficult with kids in the mix. You have to worry about schools, transferring, enrolling, plus there’s just more to move. The alternative, of course, is that you balance being a single parent while they’re away.

Many families determine that the hassle is worth being together. Others stay put, citing homeownership, the difficulty of a move, establishment in a career, and more. Then again, there’s a chance at an adventure, the ability to see new things or maybe even take a break from the normal hustle and bustle.

Ultimately, you can only make the decision that’s best for your family. And the decision you make one time around might not be right for your family the next time around. Sit down and talk with your spouse about your options.

Newly married and with no kids, my husband went to a handful of schools. I always stayed back to work, take care of the pets, and because he was never gone more than a few months. Now, however, with two kids in tow, we’d make the trip … at least for a longer stint. Even with more people in tow, I’m excited about the possibility to adventure together.

What’s your go-to status while your spouse is away?