Simple milspouse journal gives space for memories
(Photo: Courtesy of Kia Young)

I confess: I rely fully on the Facebook “On This Day” feature to remind me of the cute things my children have done and the precious and sometime gut-wrenching moments of my military life. While I click that little feature everyday, somewhere in the back of my head is a worry that, someday, all of content might just be gone, and with it what is effectively my digital baby books and life journal.

Which is why I was so intrigued when I saw Kia Young, one of our SpouseBuzz regular contributors, post about her side hustle, Heirloom Journals. Designed to be a fairly compact, convenient and non-digital way to document  life moments, I offered to share her project with SpouseBuzz.

As savvy as I am at time management, I just don’t have the hours in the day to truly journal. That’s why posting quick kid quips or photos to social media works so well to me — it takes almost no effort and I can do it while making dinner.

What I do have time for, however, is physically writing those things down in a quick notes form. None of this “Dear Diary,” stuff. Just fast jots of memories.

And that’s what Kia’s Heirloom Journal is perfect for. It’s not particularly thick — a mere 120 pages that would fill up fast if you were to really journal everything. Instead this little book is ideal for those quick notes and memories, maybe just a few lines here and there throughout the week.

I also like how the journal looks and feels in my hands. As a writer, I’m a junky for nice feeling paper. This little book has silver gilded edges and a little bonus envelope in the back for small paper scraps or trinkets. It also lays fairly flat when you open it. That’s the kind of thing that matters to someone who is left handed like me.

Kia is selling these cute Heirloom Journal books for $16.95 — and buying one supports a fellow military spouse. Add Kia to the group of spouses whose incredible, creativity, ingenuity and hustle to make a career for themselves constantly impresses me.

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