How do you celebrate yourself as a Mom? 

When you have young kids (or even when you have older kids) it’s important to make and take time for yourself. So much of motherhood is giving, and often we as moms don’t realize just how much we are giving out until we are emptying our tanks. There’s pregnancy and childbirth and baby days where you’re physically giving yourself to your children. There are toddler years where you’re giving all of your patience. Then there are years where you’re giving your best advice, your sanity, and of course, all of the years you’re giving your money. And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what we, as moms, give to our kids. 

It’s not a thankless job, but it is one that requires far more effort than anyone realizes. (That is, until they do it themselves!) 

That repetitiveness, the constant drain of offering more, more, more — it can put a toll on a person. There is only so much to give without refilling the tank. That’s why it’s so important to take some time to relax and recharge. Without that self-care, you simply aren’t able to give your best level of yourself to your family. Your kids deserve the best version of you and give it to them with some serious doses of self-care.

For instance: Taking some quiet time. When it seems as though the house is going up in flames around you, settle in and enjoy a few minutes of peace. Whether you have to leave the house or lock yourself in a closet to do so, sometimes this is the quick mental break we need to keep things flowing smoothly.

Then, when it’s not an emergency, make the effort to schedule some quiet time. Once a week (at least) get out and get free. Go to lunch. Read a book. Stand outside and breathe deeply. Whatever works for you, incorporate this quiet time into your routine. It’s a simple addition to your schedule that will help keep your mind free and your patience lengthened. When we don’t have these few free minutes, we’re burning the candle from both ends and it’s so much harder to give your family the patience they deserve. 

Next, enjoy the food already. Eat something YOU like on the regular. You’re always catering to your family’s tastes, but what about your own? Whether it’s a trip through the drive-through or a cooked sit-down dinner where you picked the menu, make it happen. Enjoy every bite. And tell those picky eaters they can cook the next meal if they don’t like it! 

Now it’s time to consider those who enjoy shopping as a pick-me-up. We don’t support shopping for shopping’s sake, but that doesn’t mean you can’t splurge A LITTLE every now and then. When you need a new pan, for instance, get the good one. Spend $5 extra and never worry about stuck-on food ever again. When you’re in the checkout line and you remember you’re out of mints. Buy more. Do it. These “little extras” are so often things we don’t let ourselves have, yet if we just give in and allow that tiny bit of joy, our days can be so much happier. 

Self-care can be as simple as taking a long shower or wearing an outfit you feel confident in. Don’t dress for your day’s activities, dress for you! 

Make plans for something to look forward to. Have you been dreaming of a trip? A nice brunch at that new restaurant? Plans don’t have to be extravagant or expensive, they just have to be something you want, and something that’s attainable. Sit down and decide how often you’re going to get that mom care on a larger scale, then make a plan to turn it into a reality. 

But most of all, it’s important to stop feeling guilty about taking care of yourself. Self-care doesn’t mean you’re taking away from anyone else. It means you’re bettering yourself so that you can offer the best level of yourself to your kids, spouse, and your family as a whole. No one expects moms to do it all. (OK, actually most kids expect this.) But that doesn’t mean you should or even could give indefinitely. 

There is so much mom guilt surrounded with doing things for yourself … and there’s no reason for it! Why are moms ready to give endlessly without a single speck for themselves? It makes zero sense! We’re not sure where this mounting culture came from, but it needs to GO!

STOP feeling guilty. STOP telling yourself you don’t deserve things for yourself. You are a rock star mama! Push that negativity aside and go get your self-care on! 

Moms deserve more relaxing than anyone, yet they get little — if any — actual relaxing time for themselves. Use these simple tricks to squeeze in some make-mama-happy time into your week, and to de-stress so you can better take care of your family. 

What’s your favorite way to self-care?