Tuesday, September 5, 2018

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Throw Back

On today’s date in 1885, the first cafeteria opened in NYC, laying the groundwork for our favorite SNL skit of all time: Lunch Lady Land. Start your day with that gem, and raise your glass to hairnets, navy beans, and hoagies and grinders.

Need to Know

Never thought we’d say we spent the weekend watching a funeral, but our hearts and eyes were glued to Senator John McCain’s services over the weekend. While we heard from former presidents, dignitaries and friends, no tribute was more moving than his daughter Meghan’s. Watch it here. Then, dry your eyes and watch another one of our fave moments: George W. Bush slipping Michelle Obama a piece of candy.

Congrats are in order for Staff Sgt. Amanda Kelley, who last week became the first female enlisted soldier to earn the coveted Ranger tab. In the words of our friend Frederick Wellman, CEO of ScoutComms, “You know what you call a woman with a Ranger tab? Ranger. Rangers Lead the Way.”
Another name you’ll be hearing this week? Gordon. Except this guy isn’t nearly as awesome: He’s a tropical storm a brewin’ down south trying his very best to become a full blown hurricane. We’re tracking him with the commitment of a seasoned (total amateur and wanna be) storm chaser. Fun survival fact – The rule of 3s: You can generally survive 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 hours in extreme conditions without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.

Want to Know

As if our SipStakes wasn’t enough, you could win $11,000 from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Two tiny caveats: You have to have a baby on September 9 and you have to name him Harland after KFC’s founder, Colonel (Harland) Sanders. So there’s that.

In other food news, something fishy is going on. We can’t stop laughing and dry heaving at this store in Kuwait that was shut down after they put googly eyes on dead fish to make them appear fresher. Omg. Vomit. And hilarious.

Finally, Manhattan’s Basilica of Old Saint Patrick’s Cathedral has welcomed three new “lambscapers” to the team for the next six weeks. The sheep will be cutting the grass and looking adorable in the heart of the busy city. Can ewe believe it?

Reading While We Sip

Loving this post by Away We Run about the real questions we ask ourselves as military spouses.

Whether your baby left for kindergarten or college this school season, check out “I Feel You, College Freshman Parent” over on PCSgrades.

‘Tis also the season of PCS. Here are some great tips from MilitaryByOwner about being a landlord.

Resource Report

September is suicide prevention month and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is empowering communities to take action to support our nation’s veterans. Each community across the country plays a role in supporting vets, but as an individual you may not know what to do or where to start.

You don’t need to have special training to support the veterans in your life, and we can all do something to help a vet going through a difficult time. Even seemingly small actions can have a huge impact: Preventing suicide begins with just the willingness to Be There.

Showing your support can be as simple as sending a veteran a text message – inviting someone over to catch up or sharing a positive thought are both great ways to communicate that you care. Your words could be exactly what a veteran in crisis needs to hear, and could be a reminder of the many people out there willing to listen. Learn more ways to show your support and Be There by visiting to find more resources and information.

All I Do Is Win Win Win – SipStakes

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Sip Tip [Sponsored Content]

This summer, The Sip is partnering with The College Board to bring you a back to school tip … because new pencils and investing in the future shouldn’t just be for your kids.

Sip Tip #10: Feel like parenting and going back to school is a hot mess? Host a “study time” with your kids. Have them make some retro snacks (aka pull out the pretzels and M&Ms) and together sit at the kitchen table, set a timer, and spend 30 minutes doing your homework while they read and color.

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