Thursday, September 13, 2018

Turns out when your kids are out of school for a week for a hurricane you’re not really sure what day it is… but we think it’s Thursday, which means it’s time for The Sip, the biweekly newsletter brought to you by MilSpouseFest. Be sure to add us to your address book so we don’t get caught in spam. Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

Throw Back

Today in 1969, Scooby Doo Where Are You premiered on CBS. And here we are nearly 50 years later still wondering what really was in those scooby snacks.

Need to Know

All eyes are on Hurricane Florence who has been making her way across the Atlantic for the last several days and will make landfall tonight, with winds and rain already starting in the Carolinas. FEMA is actively tracking the Waffle House index (which is a real thing!) and fascinating if you don’t know about it. While she’s been downgraded to a Category 2 from a Category 4 (categories are determined by sustained wind speed), this girl is still no joke because of the anticipated storm surge and consequential flooding.

Our thoughts are with all of our friends and families in her path and hope that you are safe and stay that way. And because we love you and think you might need a good laugh, we put together the 12 phases of hurricane prep, in GIFs of course. Sneak peak:

Step 5: In a moment of weakness, eat all your hurricane snacks.

The Sip: This is a real hot potato of an issue

Read the rest of the phases, here.

Also going on in the world, Apple released three new iPhone models yesterday and a new Apple watch with a giant screen and built in electrocardiogram (EKG). Fun fact: this is the first over the counter EKG sold directly to consumers… because WebMD wasn’t enough for me to constantly think I’m having a heart attack. The new phones – XR, XS, XS Max – each boast a better camera, longer battery life and other techie things. We’re still waiting for one that will fold our laundry.

Want to Know

A firm in Mexico that operates several resorts is looking for a Brand Ambassador/pro-vacationist to spend one year staying at their different locations and posting about it on social media. The job pays $120,000 and the selected candidate will be required to do such things as take salsa lessons, swim with sharks and live their best life. Overwater bungalow = #lifegoals. Apply here.

Domino’s in Russia is doing a tiny little bit of backtracking after their “Domino’s Forever” campaign promised customers that if they got a Domino’s tattoo in a prominent place, they’d get 100 free pizzas per year for 100 years. They didn’t expect anyone to do it, but we all know better than that. Don’t mess with free pizza. See some of the ink, here.

And speaking of free food, a woman got a little more than she bargained for when an entire potato rolled out of her bag of chips. A spokesperson from the store, Lidl, said, “This is a real hot potato of an issue.” Yessssssss.

Reading While We Sip

We love this gorgeous thought piece by milspouse Katye Riselli about September 12.

This is a good perspective from our friends over at Military Spouse about your service member being essential for a reason.

And last but oh so not least: If you have the sense of humor of a 15 year old boy like I do, this is the very best thing on the internet right now. You have to read the comments section of the National Hurricane Update after sharing what can only be called “an unfortunate graphic.” One of our faves of the 74k responses that we can actually print: “North Carolina should just tell Florence it has a headache.”

Meme of the Week

Well played by our friends at Air Force amn/nco/snco on Facebook:

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