Do you often wonder how you can help other military spouses, but feel like you need to do something GRAND? Hmmmm…nope! There are many small ways you can help other military spouses that go a long way.


This is simple but so meaningful. No matter if you’re a new milspouse or a seasoned spouse, a greeting is always appreciated. 

Speaking to your neighbor or saying hello as you scan the aisles at the commissary can brighten a military spouse’s day. You never know if they are going through a deployment, new to the area, or having a bad day.

“Hello” has been the start of many beautiful relationships and the sunshine someone needed in their day.


Lend a listening ear. Be available to be a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on.

We all need to vent sometimes. And as you listen, remember it’s not your story to reshare. 


Invite a military spouse over. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Have a spontaneous invite over to sit and talk. Trust me; conversation can go a long way. You can make it around lunch or dinner time, but I’ve found when you do a spontaneous invite, it takes away the pressures of everyone feeling as though they have to contribute. 

Just get together to talk and enjoy one another’s company. 


If you know a military spouse with little ones, offer to help with grocery shopping. 

Offer to pick up a few items on their list or accompany them on their grocery run. You can push the buggy and make silly faces with the kiddos. 

Ok, is that just me who gets other people’s kids all excited, and then we all end up in time out? Oooopppppsssss!


Getting setup in a new home can be fun with company, especially if your military spouse deploys as soon as you arrive at your new duty station. 

Offer to help put things away. You can wash and put away silverware. Just make sure you ask which drawer they want it in. 

When it’s time to PCS, and the purge begins, you can help toss the 5,000 cans and boxes of expired pantry items. 

Or help by just keeping them company.


No matter if a military spouse is going through a deployment, having a bad day, celebrating a special occasion, or it’s just because, put together a small gift bag of their favorites.

Keep it simple – fill it with their favorite candy or other snacks. Give them a FREE babysitting coupon, or show up with a pizza.


Are you shaking your head NO! Thinking, “I want to keep ALL of my cool friends to myself?”

Your friends are cool, and you adore them. Remember, military life is better with great friends. So, help another military spouse experience great friendships too.

When my family moved to Hawaii a couple of years ago, I met my first neighborhood friend as she ran out of her garage to say hello. Besides her startling the mess out of my daughter and me and then hugging me (I’m not a hugger), she invited me to a workout group to meet other spouses in the neighborhood. 

Hmmmmm….OK, sure! Nope, I didn’t workout nor had any desire to, but this lady needed conversation.

As we continued on our walk, I thought, “who the heck was this lady, and why was she so excited to see me? And why the heck did she hug me?” But as we entered the house from walking the dog, my husband asked why I was so happy. 

It was the small gesture of someone saying hello and the excitement about being introduced to people. 

If you are hosting a party, going to a spouse meeting, etc., invite a spouse to go with you. Share your friends. 

One of the best ways you can help other military spouses is to be there. Be present. Be supportive. Be a friend.