Spreading Valentine Love to Your Spouse

Spreading Valentine Love To The Family

I’ve been married to my sailor for almost 18 years. This Valentine’s Day will be our 20th one together. 

Our first few years of spending Valentine’s Day together were simple. Dinner and roses for me. Chocolates and shirt for him. Those were the simple days. 

As the years went on, we both found ourselves going insane trying to figure out what to get one another to show our love. It seemed that each year had to be bigger and better than the previous one.

I remember him surprising me with a trip to NYC. Well, we ended up getting snowed in. I said no more V-Day trips.

We chatted one day talking about gifts for special occasions and what the most memorable gifts were for each of us.

Both agreed that a quiet dinner we had at the Melting Pot for V-Day had been our favorite V-Day. We had dinner, he got me flowers and a bear (I still have the bear). I got him a sweater and chocolates.

So, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here are a few gift ideas.

  • flowers
  • dinner and movie
  • cute teddy bear
  • jewelry – watch, necklace
  • cute shirt or sweater
  • couple massage
  • a quiet night at home
  • coffee time together

Keep things simple. Rekindle the fire!

Spreading Valentine Love to Your Kids

Spreading Valentine Love To The Family

When we started having kids, we always got them a cute teddy bear and candy for Valentine’s Day. 

As they have gotten older, now a tween and a teenager, hubby gives each of our daughters pink roses and a card with a beautiful message written inside.

Last year he treated them out to dinner. He took the car to have it cleaned, had everyone get dressed, and then escorted them out to a nice dinner. 

You may be on the fence when it comes to getting your children something for Valentine’s Day. I know I am. But it’s something we’ve been doing now for a while. 

This year we will do something simple and small. But something we know they will love.

  • gift card to their favorite restaurant
  • box of chocolate
  • gift card to the movies
  • a trip to Starbucks

Gift cards are the ideal gifts in our house. You can’t go wrong with a gift card when dealing with teenagers. Know their favorite stores and food. SCORE!

Spreading Valentine Love to Your Pets

Spreading Valentine Love To The Family

I never thought I would ever consider a pet during a holiday or special occasion. Do you buy your pet(s) gifts for Valentine’s Day?

We have a little Maltese who will be treated with lots of love on February 14. 

One of our daughters is already on the search for heart-shaped, pretty frosted doggy treats for Carlos to enjoy. 

Along with these heart-shaped treats, he will get a new toy to rip to pieces within 30 minutes of receiving it.

I suggested,

  • a new leash and collar
  • new bowls
  • dog bed
  • durable chew toys

Oh, are you wondering why there’s a picture of horses, and I’m talking about a dog? 

We have horse gift ideas for Valentine’s Day too. While searching for V-day dog treats, we need V-day treats for the horses at the barn.

Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love. You don’t have to spend a fortune to show love. Being present is what’s important. Make every day Valentine’s Day.