We usually set New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the year. New year, new you, right? But when the snow melts, the weather gets a bit warmer, and the buds start forming on the trees, it almost feels like a new year in itself.

You are fully aware of the changes going on, and reminders of new life are everywhere.

Us military spouses always have a lot on our plates, from an upcoming PCS, or getting used to a new home. Our spouse might have an upcoming deployment, and spring can motivate us to make some goals for ourselves for the rest of the year.

Here are 7 spring resolutions for the milspouse:

1) To not stress out too much about the next PCS

Many military families will be pcsing this summer. This means the spring is all about getting ready to move. Staying organized is key. While a PCS is going to be stressful because of its nature, staying organized will help keep it in check.

2) To not be afraid to get out there and meet new people

We as military spouses are in the perfect position to meet new people. New military families are moving into our community all of the time. We just might have to take that first step and put ourselves out there. As scary as that can be sometimes, the pay off can be worth it.

3) To plan to learn a new skill

Whether your spouse is deployed, or even if they will be home for a while, make plans to learn a new skill. These days, you can find anything on the internet. YouTube can teach you how to knit or you can find an ebook on how to learn how to play the guitar. You can also get out and take a class on base or in your civilian community.

4) Be more patient with the military

Let’s face it, the military is going to seriously annoy us sometimes. From having to wait too long for orders to dealing with unexpected changes. Challenge yourself to be more patient and take military life as it comes. That way, you can live a more peaceful life. This isn’t going to be easy but it is worth trying to cut down on your stress level.

5) Help out in our community

Wherever we are stationed, we are a part of a community. For some, it will be more of the military community, and for others, more of the civilian community or the mix of the two. Look for ways to volunteer, or get out and interact.

6) Get daily exercise

We all know exercise is good for you. Now that the weather is warmer, we no longer have the cold as an excuse. Take a daily walk or find other types of ways to stay active when you go outside. If you have little kids, see if there is a local stroller fitness group near you. Take advantage of the weather before it warms up too much and we are complaining about the heat.

7) Say yes to something that scares us

Have you ever been asked to do something you didn’t want to do because it felt too scary? Make it a goal to say yes to something that scares you, and step out of your comfort zone. You will be glad that you did.

It’s always a good time to work on ourselves. There is always something we can do to grow and change for the better, and springtime is the perfect time to get started.