Do you have a squad? A group you feel drawn to? How did you find your squad?

I grew up as an only child. It sounds really random, but I believe that’s a big reason why I’m drawn to making friends. Making friends gave me something to do and it also made me happy. As a child, I enjoyed connecting with those around me, especially those that shared similar interests.

No matter what group or squad you’re a part of there are some goals that bring fulfillment to us all. I’ve come to realize that these Squad Goals have helped nurture and stimulate my friendships!

Squad Goal #1: Don’t let distance ever be a factor in your friendship.

There is a powerful connection that brings military spouses together (don’t you feel it?) When I became a military spouse and there wasn’t an immediate community around me, I went online and found an amazing virtual community.

Squad Goal #2 – Make a difference in your community.

After my spouse returned from overseas and we PCS’ed to our new duty station, I went out actively looking for a real live military spouse community to add to my amazing virtual one.

Squad Goal #3 – Encourage and engage with each other.

I’m undeniably a workaholic. I was diagnosed before I met my husband! I love my career and when I was faced with a little hiccup, I quickly went out to other working military spouses because, let’s face it, I was scared and I was hoping to garner some career wisdom.

Squad Goal #4 – Have fun!

I know, I know, this one is the most obvious. But, seriously, don’t forget to let loose and bust a move. My amazing squad of military spouses nudge me in the right direction, especially because they know I tend to work a lot.