What’s your biggest flex?

Go on, show us! It’s time to make this year your best yet… and we want to help you celebrate the joy you’re about to create going forward.

Getting to 2020 is a HUGE milestone for me; 2019 started with my husband gone at a three-month school at the end of a complicated pregnancy. Baby #2 made his debut, and I managed to keep my kids alive, fed, and healthy … while floating my career … and while hubs made brief (albeit helpful) appearances due to work. (Drill hours, man. If you’ve lived it, you know!)

Making it through the newborn stages with my son is bittersweet. Bitter because he’ll never be that little again and I feel that so much of watching him grow was spent in a complete and overwhelming blur. But sweet because, well, I FREAKING DID IT. We all survived!! My kids don’t seem scarred or busted from our business, and I managed to come out with some new recipes and fitting into my almost skinny pants again.

Now we are in a solid routine. (And I am a HUGE sucker for a good routine.) We understand the demands of drill life and make the most of hubs’ time at home. The boys have become grand little sleepers, and while we’re still working on the “helping mom” part of the day, there are no more tantrums over the new baby in the house. And most importantly, I’m out of my funk. There was a time when the world was closing in and everything felt as though it was on my shoulders. Now I just embrace it… that and I got a cleaning lady. (Highly recommend.)

Even thinking back on it now reminds me of just how great 2020 can be! We’ve started a whole new year where we can accomplish more and progress from all the obstacles that helped us grow and learn in the year before.

No focusing on the negative, just being appreciative of what was overcome and how it bettered us in the process.

How will you make this year great?