Blog courtesy of our very own Rose Holland.  Thank you for this sweet story!

Military Families give back.  We see it again and again. Perhaps it is something in the military culture that draws those who are willing to give of themselves. I enjoy volunteering with my husband and children. I know that our times volunteering have brought us all closer together.

Rose's Blog2Our family has many fond memories of volunteering together.  My son will never forget getting to go to Hawaii to voluntold as I organized an information fair during the unit’s annual training.  Nicholas shared his experiences at an Army Reserve YLEAD event with the Soldiers.  My husband and daughter fondly recall her days as the FRG leader. They talked on the drive to the unit and enjoyed some special time together. These times together, serving others, taught my children to give of themselves.  It also provided us an opportunity to talk about issues important to them and us. It brought us all closer together and a family united in service.

You do not have to be physically together to serve together. One of my dear friends was so moved by her husband and daughter’s connection through service during his deployment.  Josie’s school was collecting the tops of water bottles to recycle.  A local man was taking these and using the money to purchase wheelchairs to those who needed them but otherwise could not afford them.  Chad, her husband, collected the caps while he was down-range.  He sent boxes of them back to Josie.  Together the two of them collected over 5,000 caps.  This simple project brought the two together as they served others.

Studies show that donating our time and serving others includes such benefits as building confidence and self-esteem, making friends and providing job experience. Serving together also builds relationships.  It shows that you care and are willing to give of yourself.  Find a way to serve together and you will find a way to enhance your relationship.


For more information on charities that give back, see MilitaryOneClick’s Charity page.