Thank you to Julia  A. Maki for allowing us to feature her amazing stories on our website!

I joined the Navy 2 wks after I graduated high school. I could not wait to see the world AND I wanted to fly. I soon became an Aviation Warfare Systems Operator- a combat rate that had only been opened to women shortly before I came into it.  After 5 years of military service, I was honorably discharged and began a family. Soon after, I had 3 babies who are the joy of my life. I now spend my days now working for the Navy as a civilian contractor, testing the software I once flew with while I was enlisted and telling/writing stories for my little ones.

Still My Dad BookStill My Dad is a book that was written as a tribute to all the wounded veterans returning home every day, attempting to overcome obstacles and reinvent their ‘new normal’.  It is my hope that this book will help aid in the adaptation process for their children.  I will also be donating a portion of profits to the Wounded Warrior Program and the Shepherds for Lost Sheep organizations.

I wrote this book based on the story of a friend with whom I had served and her beloved service dog.  I feel that to bring recognition to these often overlooked heroes is the least I can do for those that have given so much.

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This is Julia’s third book.  To read more about Julia’s other two books, please click here.


Paperback copies will become available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Tate Publishing, and most online bookstores in December for the retail price of $9.00.