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So, you want to tailgate and whoop it up for your favorite sports team….but, do you have all the tools you need to really….and I mean really WHOOP IT UP for your team!?! Here is a little guide to help you out….I am not saying it is the perfect go to tailgating guide…but it sure will help you out.


Step 1 – Get a toolbox and make sure it is always stocked with all of your tailgating essentials.

grilled-brats~ Main Drawer Of Toolbox
Bottle openers
Two sets of tongs
Manual can opener
Wooden kabob sticks

~ Middle Drawer Of Toolbox
Outdoor black trash bags
Three (3) rolls of paper towels
Baby wipes
A tube of hand sanitizer
Coppertone sunscreen
Rain gear
Zip-lock baggies
BIC marker

Bottom Drawer Of Toolbox
A collection of your favorite condiments, spices and seasonings. (This is a MUST have)


howtopackacoolerStep 2 – You MUST pack your cooler(s) correctly.  Here is a photo to help you out. (Photo from


Step 3 – Make sure you have a ton of throw-a-way cooking pans as you will need them to marinate your meat over night.  You are going to want to make sure you have enough meat to feed the entire party…you don’t want anyone to miss out of your famous steak kabobs!


Step 4 – Shape and back all of your burger patties in a throw-a-way pan with wax paper between each of them.  You are going to want to make sure it is non-stick wax paper as you do not want to have one huge patty.  Here are a few things you many want to add to your burgers: (Photo from

           Tailgating1. Chopped onions

            2. Eggs

           3. Salt and pepper

            4. breadcrumbs (Italian are the best)

            5. Chopped pickles

            6. Shredded cheeses (Use a variety)

            7. Chopped fresh herbs (Parsley, cilantro and basil are my favorite)

            8. A splash of extra virgin olive oil


Step 5 – Slice and pack all of your burger fixings head of time and place them in a throw-a-way container.

            1. Lettuce

            2. Sliced cheese

            3. Sliced tomatoes

            4. Sliced onions

            5. Sliced pickles


Step 6 – Label your coolers so all of the party guests will know where each drink is located at.  (Photo from

            Tailgating Cooler1. Beer

            2. Wine

            3. Juice boxes

            4. Bottles water

            5. Pop/soda

            6. Just ice

Step 7 – Get a non-used beer six-pack cardboard holder or plastic shower caddy and place your six (6) favorite hot sauces in.  This is perfect if you are going to have more than one table set up for your party guests.  Also, if you are going to just have your guests sit wherever they want you can place several of these around the tailgating site. 


Step 8 – Have cute party gifts for your tailgating friends.  A great idea is to get old medicine bottles (peel the label off) and add your favorite teams mascot sticker on the outside.  Place the following inside the bottle:

            1. Johnson and Johnson Band-Aids

            2. Rolaids

            3. A small bottle of Coppertone sunscreen

            4. A small bottle of Listerine mouthwash

            5. A temporary tattoo of your teams mascot


Step 9 – Make sure you have extra of the following:

            1. Charcoal

            2. Bags of ice (One for drinking and one for the raw meat)

            3. Propane if cooking with it

            4. Cooking tongs and spatula


Tailgating ToteStep 10 – Grab a large plastic tote at the Exchange as you are going to want to pack all of your dirty items in it to be taken home and washed.



Step 11 – Bring a metal bucket for your left over ashes form the grills.  You are going to want to store this in your vehicle up right and make sure it is cool to the touch before moving it. You can get these at your local Exchange for under $10.


Tailgating Food Warmer

Step 12 – Did you know you can turn your cooler into a warming container?…YES! It is so simple and so cheap! (Get step-by-step instructions here:



Having a fun and successful tailgating party is so simple…all you need is a little imagination and not be scared to step outside of the box.  Do you have any more cool tailgating ideas that are not listed above? Add them in the comments section below.  Don’t forget to add all of your tailgating items into your free shopping list at:….It’s Always Free And You Can Take It To The Commissary With You!


Happy Tailgating Everyone!!


Bobbi Pack is a contributing writer for MilitaryOneClick.  Bobbi has over ten years experience in marketing and broadcast as well as a BA from Ottawa University and an MSM from Baker University.  Bobbi has many years experience being a military spouse and loves to share her experiences, challenges and highlights with other military spouses.

Bobbi is the proud wife of Mike, an active duty Army Soldier and mother of two amazing Army Brats and two loving four-legged Army Brats.  Bobbi is currently stationed with her family in North Carolina and is loving every minute of it.  You can check out more of Bobbi’s blogs and military deals and discounts at
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