Sometimes shopping for the service member in your life can be difficult. For me specifically it’s my husband that causes me “Gift-Buying Anxiety”. First, he’s a man. He doesn’t collect anything or a hobby requiring the constant purchasing of items to continue that hobby. He isn’t a fashionista, and while he does love to read there are only so many biographies and military history books I can purchase. Over the years my gift giving has become a finally honed skill and I wanted to share ten of my favorite gifts to give the hard to shop for Hero in your life.

1. Sun Tzu: The Art of War – If you have a military hero that loves to read and is all about the reading of all things military this is the book for them.

2. Refillable All-Weather Butane Lighter – This item I happened to stumble upon while checking out my husband’s ‘Deployment Wish List’ on the computer. All-weather, refillable, waterproof container butane lighter is only lighter you will ever need.

3. 5.11 Double Duty 1.5 Tactical Pen – Pressurized ink lets you write with this anywhere you want. It also acts as an acceptable method of close-contact self-defense. I have been told that this is the coolest gift I’ve given in awhile.

4. Rite in the Rain Notepads – This is another gem from the ‘Deployment Wish List’, although my husband uses these things all the time and for everything! Rite in the Rain paper sheds water and is environmentally responsible. You can drive over it, cover it with mud, wipe off and keep on going. These little notepads make perfect stocking stuffers.

5. Fisher Space Pen – The only pen you will ever need. You can even have these babies engraved with your service member’s name. Combine this with a Rite in the Rain pad and you’ve got a winning combination. Writes upsidedown, no shaking or pre-scribble required.

6. Danner Military Boots – For those of you looking for a heftier present these boots come highly recommended. And while I realize the military hands boots out, apparently springing for the fancy ones is worth it.

7. Thorlo Socks – If you stick socks in the stockings hung by the chimney with care, why not stick some Thorlos in there?

8. SureFire Flashlight – Another high ticket item for that hard to shop for guy or gal who loves a good flashlight. This is the mother of all flashlights, really anything from this brand will do. In fact, we own two of them.

9. Pieces of There Care Packages – Looking for the perfect piece of home for your service member? Send them a piece of their hometown with one of these care packages. Are they gone for the holidays? Send them a little piece of you.

10. Collectible Beer Steins – These are big among the super moto crowd. For anyone wanting to show off some of their Military Pride these beautiful Steins is the perfect way to do it. This Marine Corp one is my favorite.

Rheanna Bernaard______

Fabulous blog courtesy of Rheanna Bernard.  Rheanna was born and raised Nor-cal gir.  She has  a B.S. (LOL) in Criminal Justice.   she loves to scrapbook, read, knit and crochet and quite enjoys the military life and those that it has brought into her life!  Rheanna can be found at Cammo Style Love.