What are your favorite holiday shows?

I have a list I love to break out each holiday season and watch throughout November and December, sometimes even into January!

There’s no particular order in which they have to be viewed; they just have to be seen! Preferably, on days of cold weather and while wearing cozy sweats. There are no rules about what can be done while watching said shows, in fact, I usually wash and fold laundry, cook, and tidy all while our favorite shows remain in accompaniment.

This includes: The Harry Potter Series, Elf, Hallmark Classics (no faves, I just check what sounds good!), Christmas Vacation, Home Alone (1 and 2), The Grinch, The Santa Clause, A Charlie Brown Christmas, and whatever else might sound good that season.

Christmas specials from favorite shows are also a hit, for instance, when Joey and Chandler shop for everyone’s Christmas gifts at the gas station (and who can forget the holiday armadillo?!), Festivus for the rest of us, and The Office’s white elephant event.

Of course, my favorite of them ALL is Home Alone, the original. I have the playlist on my phone and look forward to watching it all year long!

Thanks to Netflix and Prime’s rotating content, there are new titles that come into this list each year, too. You never know what might pop up and needs to be seen!

Watching these shows are some of my favorite yearly traditions. I love introducing them to my kids, and having family fun as we snack or have picnic dinners while shows play in the background. Even if we don’t watch every minute, they provide a comforting atmosphere that helps build the holiday spirit!

What are your favorite holiday shows? Do you have special snacks or attire for watching each show? This is a special time of year that’s meant to be enjoyed! Tell us your favorite ways to take in these shows and movies.

What’s your all-time favorite Christmas movie?