Jen, Ed, Katie and Griffin
Jen, Ed, Katie and Griffin

A message from Jen, military spouse and founder of MilitaryOneClick:

Our friends over at Blue Star Families recently partnered with Vulcan Productions to develop an e-book called “Everyone Serves: A Handbook for Family and Friends of Service Members During Pre-Deployment, Deployment and Reintegration.” The free guide is online and is available on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, Kobo and Sony platforms.
Blue Star Families is hosting a blog series featuring the personal stories of several military family members experiencing different stages of deployment and reintegration. They invited us to participate in this blog since my husband and many of our team members have spouses who deploy, detach and travel often for the military.  Blue Star Families and their partners would like us to share what it is “really” like to get ready for your spouse to deploy, what it is like when they are gone and what it is like when they return home.
So here is my first post…
Hello, my name is Jen Pilcher and I am a Navy spouse and have two children, Katie, 10 and Griffin, 7 and one crazy English bulldog rescue, Sophie, 4.  I am a born and raised Jersey girl, minus the accent and high hair.  My husband and I are celebrating our 15 year anniversary this summer and he has been serving for almost 17 years in the Navy.

We have been through many traditional deployments, however, he is now in a squadron with “irregular” deployments/detachments/trips – whatever you want to call the “just not home when something breaks” schedule.  He just returned from a 15 day  “trip” to Afghanistan and will be leaving again at the end of the summer.  While he was away this time the AC broke, the pool broke, the kids were on summer break home all day, every day and there were 4 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan while he was there.  However,   he arrived home safely the day after the AC was fixed, the pool now sparkling,  the kids in their first week of all day, all week summer camp and he can’t understand why I was a bit stressed out – sound familiar?  It’s this crazy roller coaster ride called “Military Life” – anyone want a ride?

Through this blog, I hope to share my journey of being a military spouse, mom of two and now an entrepreneur. I started my career as a Speech-Language Pathologist and worked in different settings and in different states as we  PCS’d around the country.  Civilian translation for PCS is:

P – Pretty C – Crappy S – Situation = Moving.

In all my time as a military spouse and mom I heard the same concern over and over. There wasn’t one single place that had information for military families. Resources for education, career tools, financial assistance, and moving were all scattered to the wind.

After my children started school, I took a leap of faith and launched a website to help military families find these types of resources. Communication is my passion and connecting with military families is my heart, so I combined the two to create Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive collection of military resources in one user-friendly platform. My team and I work hard to provide valuable information, but we also share news articles, heart-warming videos, and funny stories.

I love humor and laughter so I tend to write on the light side of life.  I hope my dose of reality with all of its’ ups and downs helps remind everyone that we are not alone, even though we may live thousands of miles apart.  Our schedules might be crazy, our kids might be hanging from the ceiling fan, while the washing machine is over flowing, but I hope our shared words of encouragement allows for a little escape from the rollercoaster of “Military Life.”  I look forward to reading everyone’s blogs and taking this journey together.

So pour yourself a fruity beverage, kick off the flip flops, turn the ceiling fan on high, and enjoy – it’s wonderful to meet you!  Jen

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