Blog #2 Picture_1 includedIn the first blog we introduced you to the Glens as they set out on their final PCS.  Now Lisa will share with the MOC community how they travel as a family of 10. We imagine that moving a family of 10 takes some strategizing. She has some great tips!

Of Packing and Laundry on the Road…  

With 10 of us traveling over a 5 week period, we had to consider exactly what would fit in our 15 passenger van.  What we (Andy and Lisa) think is reasonable isn’t necessarily reasonable for our older girls… Also, we’ll have temporary living arrangements until our house is completed (hopefully by mid September), but school starts August 20th!  We had to plan for our summer and bring enough school supplies for pre-K through high school aged students and, on top of that plan for Fall weather in Colorado.  Oh yeah, and then there’s the one headed to college in late August so we had to deal with that packing list too!  Note: find a hairdresser first thing in Colorado to deal with all the extra gray hairs!

As of four weeks ago, we also had three vehicles! We sold one and are extremely grateful to our Army buddy, Tom Feir, for prepositioning another – filled with college “stuff” and Fall clothing – in Dallas where our Mary starts the University of Dallas in just over a month.  This allows us to travel in one car (though there are moments when two would be beneficial) – can you say, “when are we going to get there”?

We took a road trip two years ago and are able to consider that a “rehearsal” for this trip.  Last summer, we flew Space-A as a family to Europe (that’s a whole ‘nother story!) and that helped prepare us for this adventure too.  Here’s the packing list (just clothing) for our family: 7 casual outfits plus 2-3 additional shirts to mix and match 2 pairs pajamas 2 bathing suits Shoes:  1 pair flip flops, 1 pair sneakers; one pair casual shoes; one pair dressier shoes, one pair hikers 10 pairs underwear 1 -2 workout outfits 1-2 church outfits

For the 5 older kids, this all has to fit in a carry on sized bag (most shoes are in a common bag for all).  I used a system I discovered during our last PCS move for the three youngest.  We put their clothes in a three drawer plastic dresser.  I then go to the van each day to pick out clothes for the day.  That helps limit the amount of baggage we have to put in a hotel room or friend’s/family member’s home.  It seems to only work for the smaller kids since they don’t really care what they wear each day!

So far we’ve been able to do laundry at homes where we’ve stayed.  We do try to only bring in overnight bags to hotels since these are generally only 1-2 night stays and we don’t want our bazillion suitcases cluttering up the rooms.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed relaxing with Andy’s brother’s family in Warner-Robins, GA.  We’ve played in the pool, played tons of board games, shopped some thrift stores (yes, the girls are already tired of some of the clothes they brought!) and enjoyed our military discounts at Old Navy, Payless Shoes, and a local bookstore.  We’re currently packing up the car for tomorrow’s journey to Vicksburg, Mississippi where we’ll enjoy our military discount at La Quinta Inns and Suites!