Have you ever dealt with body image struggles? If you were to meet me, you would never know the struggle I had with my body image.

So many of us struggle with body image. Body image struggles are real for all body sizes and shapes.

I’ve been skinny all of my life, and our kids are skinny. Many people think that skinny folks don’t have body image issues. That everything is great in our world.

Let me tell you, that is far from the truth. Skinny people look in the mirror at our bodies and wish we had a different one. We wish we had a little more curve or meat on our bones here and there. We struggle with finding that “perfect” fit. We pick our bodies apart too.

Can I tell you the number of days I went home and cried because someone, often strangers, would comment about my size? Things about how skinny my legs or arms were, how I would blow away in the wind, etc.

Now, as a mother, I hear stories from my children. And I spend a lot of time encouraging them to love their bodies just the way it is.

Body image is a huge discussion between children and adults. Be mindful that everyone’s body is different. Body image struggles affect all sizes. So, the next time you see that skinny person living their best life, there’s no need to tell them how tiny they are or to eat a burger.

The Reality of Body Image Struggles

Love your body! ROCK IT! Cause in that picture…..No standing or parking in the fire line….Girlfriend is too hot to trot! 🙂