By Rose Holland

It is that time of year when high school seniors are frantically applying for scholarships.  Being in the military can make this process more challenging. We are an Army Reserve Family and while my husband is on active duty, we are rarely stationed near a military installation.  This duty assignment is no exception.  We have no spouses club to turn to.  I vividly recall my son’s frustration at not being able to apply for a number of local scholarships because we had not lived in the area long enough or he had not attended a specific elementary or middle school.  He had attended four elementary schools, two middle schools and three different high schools!  Where do you turn to in situations like this?

There are many scholarships that attempt to assist military children no matter where they are.  Please see our Education page where we have compiled an extensive list of scholarships.

It is not an impossible task, but it takes time, organization and persistence to find scholarships that match your child’s educational goals, academic achievements, and activities.  A few things to help you along your way:

  • Start early!!!!!  If you have a high school junior start now!  Seniors be aware many of the deadlines are in January and most scholarships are awarded by 1 April.
  • Keep a spreadsheet or list that included the basics – who, what and especially when
  • Pay attention to deadlines!  I missed completing a financial form and my son missed out on a scholarship!
  • Ask your child’s English teacher to review their essays or use
  • Don’t dismiss a scholarship because it’s “only” $500.  Even $100 will help with books.
  • Don’t let your child get discouraged and give up.