So yes, I’m a couch potato at times. Our lives get pretty hectic so when we get the opportunity the hubby and I will order in and binge watch a few shows. Last week was the premiere of our favorites and I was out of town. He, being the wonderful husband he is, waited and we’ve been spending our down time catching up.

Last week I wrote about  Lessons on Reintegration from Last Man Standing. The show was the perfect example to explain the feelings and struggles that come with reuniting. This week, and let me just say here that no I don’t work for ABC, Castle provided the perfect opportunity to discuss security clearance and opsec.

Spoilers following.

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Becket disappears and the crazy hunt as to where she is and why begins.

Towards the end of the second episode we see the obsession, the one she once held to find her mother’s killer, being reborn and refocused towards the new mystery of LokSat. She is given some wise advice from Castle’s step-mother. She can go down the rabbit hole if she like, but she better not take those close to her with her. Their lives are in her hands.

We all tell lies to protect the ones we love.

I keep secrets from my husband when he is deployed. They are small ones. They have to do with not knowing how to fix the car when it breaks down, the lie of things are good even though I’m crying nightly in the shower so the kids won’t hear, or the lie that everything is running smoothly and there is nothing for him to worry about. My lies are small. They are more hiding the inconveniences of everyday life on this side of the ocean.

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His lies are bigger. I don’t know them all. I know they are there. I know when they leave the FOB things are not always smooth. The route is not always clear, but that is not what I hear. I know there are things he can’t and/or won’t tell me because he loves me and because he can’t.

He is in the business of protecting my heart and keeping my mind distracted by the inconveniences of home rather then the reality of war. I am in the business of not wanting to distract him from the mission at hand.

There are aspects of the job I have no business knowing. My ignorance means his safety. (Read more about OPSEC and The Haircut That Cost Him His Life.)

The show leaves us as Becket walks away, bags packed, from her marriage. She asked for his trust and then she left him. She promises to return.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat feeling, the pain and confusion and pleading that covered Castle’s face is the desperation I feel the moment my soldier turns his back and walks towards deployment. I trust him. He asks me to. And yet I don’t. I don’t understand. I can’t. I don’t know what he is walking to, only what he is walking away from. He made his choice the day he enlisted. Deploying is part of the job.

For Becket it is an obsession that calls her away. For our soldiers it is a passion and a calling on their lives. But it doesn’t dull the pain.

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