The Sip: New Year, New Month, New Decade
The Sip: New Year, New Month, New Decade
Tuesday, January 14, 2020

How is it 2020 already? Wasn’t it like the 90s just about 10 years ago? No? Time is flying and the holidays are behind us. And it’s time for the very first Sip of this brand new decade. Unless you feel the decade doesn’t start until NEXT year? Either way, it’s the 20s now! Plan your Gatsby party! 

The Great Gatsby


On January 14th, 1784, the Continental Congress ratified the Second Treaty of Paris, ending the War for Independence. Britain officially agreed to recognize the independence of its 13 former colonies as the new United States of America. And thus, the start of everything we now know. Well, everything American that is.

American Flag


It’s 2020 now and that means we will be having a Presidential election in November. A lot needs to happen before then, so where are we at now? What’s next? Well, the election will pretty much start with the Iowa Caucus on February 3rd, followed by New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina with Super Tuesday on March 3rd. Here’s a good calendar to follow along. 

One of the struggles military spouses have is in licensing from state to state for certain professions. This can be super frustrating!  However, things might be getting easier. Last month, President Trump signed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act and in it is a provision that calls for the DoD to work with state governments to come up with ways to ease licensing restrictions between states. 

Things have been pretty scary with regard to Iran. Here is basically what is going on. On January 3rd, 2020, Qassem Soleimani, who was the leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ elite Quds Force, was killed in an Airstrike ordered by the President. Then, on January 7, 2020, Iranian rockets struck two bases housing US Forces in Iraq in retaliation. Then on January 11, 2020, Iran admitted it mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger jet. And that is where we are at. Sadly, this isn’t going to be the end of this story and our hearts and prayers are with our military community. 

In Royal Family news, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are stepping back from their Royal Family Roles. Did YOU see this coming? They now plan to balance their time between the United Kingdom and North America. They have a new website and you can read a letter directly from them. 

Royal Family

Bushfires have been burning since September in Australia and sadly have killed over 500 million animals 🙁 This is truly heartbreaking and if you would like to donate, WIRES can be a good place to do so. They have been rescuing and caring for as many sick, injured, and orphaned native animals as possible. You can donate here and help those koalas and kangaroos.


Your doorbell camera can help you keep an eye on your property, watch for thieves, and let you know when your friend comes to visit. But, when a British Columbia couple checked their feed, they spotted none other than a COW! Can you imagine? Turns out, the cow escaped from a neighbor’s enclosure. You need to go home, Clarabelle! 

Speaking of keeping your home safe, a Georgia couple came home from a vacation to find that their home had been ransacked by a squirrel of all things! The little terror caused thousands of dollars in damage to the inside of their home. How did the animal get in? It came down through the chimney! And we assumed only Santa did that! 

Did you happen to get your kids some AirPods for Christmas? If so, keep an eye on them. This one 7-year old boy accidentally swallowed one of his. Now he has to wait for it to pass through naturally…EWW…and will be sticking to wired headphones until he is much much older.



We love this post on OPSEC and PERSEC by Jo, My Gosh. These days it’s easy to want to share everything in your life. But some things need to be kept quiet. 

Feeling weary from the news lately? You are not alone. knows this well with Dear Military Family: If You’re Feeling Tired and Sad, It’s Not Just You.

You don’t want to miss reading about what this all-women team of airmen wore when they crushed an aircraft ground crew contest at Aviano Air Base. It was pretty EPIC. 

If your spouse’s time in the military is coming to an end, they might be wondering what to do next. Here are four ideas from Task and Purpose and Columbia University!

Reading While You Sip


When your spouse is downrange, they might just have baby wipes to stay clean but thanks to the innovative efforts of Bravo Sierra, they have come up with something new, and better. Check out this video from Task and Purpose and Bravo Sierra about the new product.


MilSpouseFest Schedule

Our 2020 locations and dates have been announced for our MilSpouseFest Events! 

Join us for a fun day or night of fun activities and discussion about military life. There will also be games and giveaways! And the event is free!!!

We will be in San Antonio on March 10th and Fort Hood on March 12th. 

After that, you can catch us at Fort Drum in June, Quantico and Hampton Roads in September and North Carolina in November. 

Visit our page for more information and to sign up for the events! We would love to have you 🙂


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