Maybe it’s your first time hearing about MilSpouseFest. Or possibly a friend has told you about it. Or perhaps you’ve seen the posts on social media about ALLLLLLLllllll the greatness. It sounds great and something you want to check out, but you’re still on the fence about going. 

Get off that fence and get in on the action! Here are 10 reasons to go to MilSpouseFest this year!

10. You’re curious – You’ve heard a lot about, but not sure what to expect. Come on out and see for yourself. 

9. No travel required – MilSpouseFest comes to you. MilSpouseFest 2020 will host 14 events. This year’s stops include: 

  • Texas – March
  • New York – June
  • Virginia – September
  • North Carolina – November

8. Resources – Learn about local and national resources. There will be many organizations and businesses at our events with information about military life. As well as other great information you may want to learn about and need.

7. Socialize – Oh, Yes! Sometimes you want to talk with another adult about ANYTHING other than video games from the kids. Or about ANYTHING other than work from your spouse.

6. Be Inspired and Motivated – Hear from our FABulous keynote speakers as they share experiences and great advice. Our keynote speakers are handpicked for each location. They are military spouses and have been in the trenches just like you. 

5. Meet New People – Our events are a great opportunity to meet and build new friendships. You never know, you may meet your new BFF there.

4. Prizes and Swag – Lots of AWESOME prizes and swag for you! We LOVE prizes!

3. FREE Tickets and Food – No cost to you! Your seat is FREE and we feed you! Food! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. A light breakfast and lunch are served during the morning session. Dinner is served during the evening session. Food makes everything better. Just saying. 😉

2. ME Time and Fun – Everyone needs a little fun. Laugh and have a good ‘ole time. Make a few hours all about you! I promise it’s ok to be all about self for a few hours from time to time.

1. Community – MilSpouseFest wants to provide you a special day or night out — a time made for YOU. MilspouseFest provides connections and builds a global community that feels like a neighborhood. We’re all military spouses, going through PCS after PCS, deployments, setting up another house, and building new friendships.

MilSpouseFest provides fun activities, resources, prizes, conversations about military life, local resources, food, and so much more. It’s all FREE to you as a military spouse, significant other, and other military family members.

Come on out and join in the FUN! We’re all about That Fun! ‘Bout That Fun!

You can sign up HERE!!! And make plans to enjoy the day (or night) with us!