These 5 places on base are havens for breastfeeding moms (and no, they’re not the bathroom)

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These 5 places on base are havens for breastfeeding moms (and no, they’re not the bathroom)

My son was only about a month old, and we decided to make a trip to the PX. Being in Germany, the PX was one of my favorite places to go. The food court there was the only place you could get American fast food, other than McDonald’s. . . so going the PX mall was a big trip.

My mom was with me as my husband was deployed and she had come out for a couple of months to help with the boys. As we were shopping, I realized I needed to feed my baby.

At the time, I didn’t get out too much with my new son and wasn’t used to feeding him at a lot of places. Mom stayed with my two-year-old, and I headed out to find a good place to nurse.

I took a look at the food court: There were quite a lot of seats and some were pretty private. I was able to find a place and feed my baby.

When you are on base and need to feed your baby, there are places to go to do so. You don’t have to feed them in a bathroom. And honestly? Anyone who suggests that you do would never consider eating in the bathroom themselves, so why should your baby have to?

Here are five places on base that are havens for breastfeeding moms:

1. Playgrounds

When you have children, the playground is going to be your second home during the warmer months. If you also have a baby, you will probably need to feed them while you are there. Playgrounds feel like a safe place to feed your baby partly because so many other moms are doing the same. At every play date or child-friendly meet-up I’ve attended, I’ve always felt like I could breastfeed my baby while I was there.

2. The food court

While it depends on the food court, you can usually find places to feed your baby there. There should be plenty of tables, and you can feed your other children while you nurse your baby. Most of the time, no one will know you are even feeding them. During less busy times, take a break from your shopping to sit down and feed which will help you extend your shopping trip.

3. Empty rooms

If you are at an event on base, you should be able to use an empty classroom or another room to feed your baby. Make sure to ask permission, so you are not going places you are not allowed to go.

4. Nursing rooms

You can find nursing rooms at different military installations. Places like Shaw AFB or Ft. Gordon have them as well as many others around the country. If your base has one, locate the room early so you know one of your options when you need to feed your baby. You might also find these rooms at your on-base chapel. Over the years I have used those places to feed my baby on a Sunday morning.

5. A friend’s house

While visiting friends, you should feel comfortable about feeding your baby. Quite a few of the moms you already know will have to do the same. When you have people over, you can also let them know that it is okay to feed their babies in your home, too. Creating safe places in our own homes will go a long way in helping moms be able to breastfeed for as long as they want or need to.

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By Julie Provost