These pre-deployment vacations aren't stressful and don't suck

By Julie Provost

The deployment orders have been issued, you know the date they are going to leave, and you want to plan some time together before your spouse goes. A pre-deployment vacation is a good way to make some extra memories and spend time together. Planning a stressful trip is a big no-go, but here are some ideas for some pre-deployment vacations that you and your family will enjoy.

Hit the beach

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Rent a condo by the beach, bring your own food, some books, sunscreen, and take a time-out together. What’s more relaxing than falling asleep to the sound of the waves? Don’t forget to pack your beach towel.

Explore the mountains

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Rent a cabin, go hiking, pitch a tent, and enjoy the mountain air. Enjoy time together, play cards, make s’mores and enjoy that fresh mountain air. Cabins can be perfect for families, especially if they include an indoor bathroom.

Ride the coasters

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There are some complicated amusement park trips out there–think Disney World–but your trip doesn’t have to be that way. Take a day or two to have fun at a lesser-known amusement park. Don’t do a lot of planning; just go and enjoy yourselves.

Get on the road

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Pack up the car, get out your GPS, and go for a road trip. You don’t have to go far–just get out, get driving, and see what your country has to offer. If you are overseas, you can explore another country, one you have never visited but always wanted to see.

Go on a cruise

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A cruise will allow you to see multiple places in the easiest way possible. The boat will take you to different ports that you can get out and explore. You won’t have to think about what to make for dinner. You can enjoy the buffets and restaurants on-board. They even have childcare and kid’s programs. It’s perfect for a relaxing adventure.

Take a staycation

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Don’t want to mess with packing and traveling? Visit your city. Go to a park. Take in a movie. Make a plan for each day that takes you out of your everyday routine. Enjoy meals together and have fun. You will also learn more about your community and generate ideas to fill your deployment calendar.

Have a second honeymoon

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Find someone to watch your kids and get romantic. Go back to where you went on your first honeymoon. Never had one? Now is your chance. No matter what you do, find something that you both enjoy that you would find romantic and relaxing. You will be glad to have those memories after they leave.

Don’t think about a thing

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Like a cruise, being able to stay in one place is handy. With an all-inclusive resort, you don’t have to worry about paying for every little thing you do. Everything will be included in the price that you have paid, and this can take a lot of the stress away from your vacation.

Go home

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If you get along with your mom or your mother-in-law, going to their house can be a relaxing experience. You can visit your hometown, eat homemade food, and enjoy time with your family before deployment. If you have kids, you will have people willing to babysit so you and your spouse can have a few nights out to yourselves.

Julie Provost is an associate editor at Military One Click and a National Guard spouse. She can be reached at