These 15 work-at-home jobs aren’t scams or direct sales

By Julie Provost

Working from home is one of the best ways for a military spouse to have a career despite their service member’s schedule. However, figuring out what you want to do from home, what you can do from home, and avoiding scams can be an issue. Direct sales is popular but not for everyone. Here are some work at home jobs that aren’t scams or direct sales.

1. Freelance writer

Write for other websites or blogs for a fee. Some people only write for one website, and others have quite a few clients that together can create a full-time income. With this line of work, you can take as many jobs as you have time for based on your schedule.

2. Blogger

This is similar to being a freelance writer, and it can take quite a long time to get to the point where you are making money on your blog, but there are a lot of people that have done this. You can earn money through ads on your blog, sponsored posts, and selling products.

3. Etsy seller

If you are creative, you can start an Etsy store and sell your products online. Etsy makes it easy for you to get your product out. You would be responsible for making sure those that order from you get their product in a timely manner.

4. Amazon associate

Amazon hires at home workers in certain locations. Your job would be working in the virtual call center on either a full-time or part-time basis. You can make about $10 an hour doing this, and you would have specific hours you would need to be working. You would need to have a quiet house, so this isn’t an easy job to do when you have children in the home.

5. Medical coder

You need a high school degree in order to get certified in this area. Coding requires you to turn reports from doctors into codes, and that is what you would be doing from home.

6. Online shop owner

If you don’t make anything you can sell and want to have an online store, e-commerce is the way to go. You would need to find a product or products to sell, find a supplier and decide if you want to have the inventory in your home or if you would like to use a drop shipper that would send the product to your customers directly. This type of job is a lot of work, but the payoffs of being your own boss are worth it.

7. Daycare owner

If you love children, this is a good option. You can do this more casually or set up a daycare. Being an FCC provider is also an option. Just make sure that you are following the rules where you live when it comes to making money from watching children in your home.

8. Author

If you are a writer, you can write your books from home. Self-publishing is one way to do this, and you can sell your ebooks on Amazon. This is the way some fiction writers get started and start to make a little bit of income. Non-fiction ebooks are also a great option where you can write about what you know.

9. Photographer

If you like to take pictures, are good at doing so, and want to run your own business, becoming a photographer can be done from your home. You will have to go out to photo shoots.

10. Social media coordinator

As a social media coordinator, you would run a social media account for a website, blogger, or business. You would be the one in charge of your client’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other social media platform they would like you to run.

11. Online teacher

If you are a teacher or want to be one, online teaching is an option. These can be done at the college level but also even for high school aged kids or younger. You would teach a class from your home which would look a little different based on the grade level and subject.

12. Event planner

If you love to plan parties, you could be an event planner. Much of the planning can be done from your home, and you can talk with your clients over the phone or online.

13. Travel agent

Some specialize in certain areas such as Disney or cruises. You will most likely need to have some training. You can open your own travel agency or work for someone else.

14. Graphic designer

If you have a graphic design degree or have even taken some classes, you can start working as a graphic designer. You could do pre-made logos and websites or custom work. This is an excellent way to use your creativity to make a living from home.

15. Virtual assistant

Working as a VA means you would be hired by a business, a blogger, a website or anyone who needs someone to do some assisting for them. You would answer emails, working on social media, bookkeeping, research, scheduling or whatever else they would need you to do. You can do this as a freelancer or get hired on with a company.

Julie Provost is an associate editor at Military One Click and a National Guard spouse. She can be reached at