This App Will Change Breastfeeding Military Moms’ Lives
(Photo: Unsplash, Carlo Navarro)

This post is sponsored by The Breastfeeding Shop.

I seriously wish that I had The Breastfeeding Shop app about a year ago. Actually, make that four years ago.

As a new mom, I struggled a lot. The biggest challenge was keeping track of everything on very little sleep. Every doctors visit brought endless questions about numbers.

How many ounces is baby eating?

How often is baby eating?

How many minutes per breast?

How long and how often is baby sleeping?

I couldn’t tell you the last time I had an uninterrupted shower, nevermind the exact ounce amount my hungry child was consuming. Just having a few short hours of sleep strung together was amazing. There was no way that I could handle noting the exact time one of us dozed off or woke up.

Please. I was just surviving and feeling my way through.

So, I wish that I had The Breastfeeding Shop app four years ago. My life would have been super simple.

Instead of sometimes remembering to jot down feed start or end times, I could have just used the app! You can select which the side your baby is currently feeding on. With two quick taps, add in the date and feeding start time. It even auto-populates the current date and time. When you need to switch, repeat the steps on the other side.

The one downfall is that you have to fill in all the categories before saving a feeding. For me, this is unrealistic and a hurdle to making this app 100 percent workable. Most breastfeeding mamas don’t know their milk production in ounces. It goes straight from boob to baby without being measured. Fixing this glitch would be amazing!

Another possible fix could be also removing the duration requirement. I’d love to be able to go back to an entry and figure out duration based on when I switched sides.

For mothers who bottlefeed or are exclusively pumping, there are also options to track bottle feedings. Here, having the ounces as a requirement makes a lot more sense. This is super easy to track and monitor.

If you are exclusively pumping, The Breastfeeding Shop app has an easy-to-use tracker for this, too. Start a timer, select your side, and pump away! At the end, input the ounces you produced. Then, set a notification to remind you to pump later. You can only track one breast at a time. Double pumpers, like me, might need to find a work-around for this.

The other major tracker that would have saved my skin with both babies early on is a sleep tracker. It’s easy to pop in the starting time. There is a sleep duration section that is required before saving here, too.

Having all the trackers and logs is great, but the real value in this app comes from the order forms. Ordering your TRICARE-prescribed breast pump through The Breastfeeding Shop can now happen in the app. You’ll still need some essential information and a digital or print copy of the prescription to upload.

Need a copy of the prescription form? Download it here! You can also elect to email the RX form to yourself or your doctor.

My favorite part of The Breastfeeding Shop app is the baby sound recorder. My spouse wasn’t able to come to any appointments with me for Baby #2. He missed hearing the heartbeat for the first time. I wish I had this app two years ago to capture the moment and replay it for him later.  Now, I can record those sweet baby laughs and coos. I’m hoping to capture my baby’s first words pretty soon, too!

Overall, I think this app will be very useful for mothers, and fathers, as they care for their babies. A few little things, like the required categories in certain logging features, could be improved for increased usability.

Having an easy to use app like this would have saved me time and stress with tracking feedings and sleep schedules with both babies. And every new mother needs a little less stress in her life.

Download The Breastfeeding Shop’s app here for Android or iOS.

By Meg Flanagan