This Coastie kid is helping Harvey victims in the sweetest way possible
(Photo: Courtesy of the Brown Family)

Calling all superheroes.

Five-year old Jett is no stranger to service. His mom, Margaret Brown, serves in the Coast Guard and his dad works as a police officer. When he heard about Hurricane Harvey’s impact on Texas–including his own family that lives there –he channeled his inner superhero to help out. Equipped with his Superman cape and Houston Texans hat, he got to work on a “Sweet Tea-Lemonade Stand” near his home in Philadelphia. His mom says the support has far exceeded their expectations.

“It’s been amazing. We wanted to get Jett involved because he was concerned in helping, so we thought this lemonade stand and sweet tea–because it’s Texas, of course–would be a good idea. The response from everyone, from people in Philadelphia to really all over, has been just amazing and people have been so generous,” Jett’s mom shared.

In less than a week, Jett was able to raise over $1,000 through his stand. He delivered the first donation to the American Red Cross, and his mom is asking people interested in making larger contributions to donate directly to some of their favorite organizations:

The Browns are also rallying other kids to get involved in their own way. They are calling the effort Sweet Tea Superheroes for Texas.

“We’re encouraging the idea of other kids to dress up as superheroes and to have these sweet tea-lemonade stands around the country,” she said.

Brown adds that this situation is a reminder that anyone, regardless of age, can find a way to do their part for others.

“No matter how small or how big, everyone can make a difference, whether it’s raising money or really just being kind to one another,” she explained. “We’re just instilling in Jett as much as we can that he can make a difference so we expect him to do that.”

To donate directly to the relief fund established by the JJ Watt Foundation, visit Houston Flood Relief Fund. As of writing, it has received over $28 million dollars in donations.

Around the community

Other members of the military community have stepped up to assist those with critical needs in Texas. Here are just some of the stories Military OneClick found on social media

Esposas Militares Hispanas USA Armed Forces – founded by Army wife Janet Sanchez, created a diaper drive using Amazon Wish List. They shared on their Facebook page, “THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We have received donations from Japan, Italy, Germany, HI, Puerto Rico, England and many states in the USA.”

Veteran Daniel Alarik, CEO of Grunt Style, was on the ground in Texas delivering clothing to the residents of Rockport.

The Rosie Project, a military spouse-owned business, designed a special t-shirt to raise funds for Team Rubicon. Check out their products here.

By Bianca Strzalkowski