What makes it feel like summer to you? Is it a feeling? A smell? A time of year that’s warm and freeing — perfect for spending time with loved ones? Summer may feel different for everyone, but as we’re working our way into the dog days, it’s time to make the most out of what 2020 has given us so far. 

After all, summer has made its way here, and although we’ve had maybe the strangest spring of all time, we’re working our way back up to normal. At least — a new version of normal. And come summertime that means annual favorites, like watermelon, fireworks, fruity drinks and popsicles, and the rest of our hot day favorites. 

To make the most out of your summer days, consider working in these classics into your military family’s plans. Spend time with the people you love most and have fun while doing it. 

Backyard BBQs

Who doesn’t love a good bbq? Bring your favorite foods and enjoy some fellowshipping while you’re at it. Best of all, there’s no “real” recipe for a bbq. Make it a pool party, hang out in the AC, or line up some backyard games. All you need is good food and the folks whose company you enjoy, and you’ve got yourself an authentic summer party. 

We can practically smell those burgers sizzling on the grill! 

When the Heat Hits You

You know those days where it’s just hotter than hot? But you still have fun events planned … so you power through? Not even the warmest, stickiest of days can keep you from enjoying military family fun. Whether you’re headed to a company event, a 4th of July social distancing party, or are just heading to the neighbor’s for a dip in the kiddie pool, even these hot days can’t keep us down. 

Breathe in the heat and suck down ample cold fluids and enjoy! 

Fireflies in the Dusk

You know this exact feeling. The sun is setting late in the evening, the day has calmed, and fireflies are sparking nearby. That is the summer nights we all know and love. Chances are mosquitos have also made their presence known, but just like any part of life, summer included, you have to take the good with the bad. Enjoy that wonderful feeling and soak up your time before the next family ups and PCSs. 

Water Days

It’s time to hit the pool, the lake, the river, the pond, the ocean — whatever your location of choice. Pack on the sunscreen and load down with drinks and snacks: water days are here. One of the best parts about enjoying these times with military family members is that you can take turns teaching and learning hobbies. Who kayaks? They can teach the rest. Same with river rafting, swimming spots, and more. Share the love and make fun days about sharing all your best water-based secrets. 

Rained Out!

No one wants to be rained out … but how often has this happened?! You’re all ready for something fun, then a crack of thunder ruins the day. Yet it never seems to feel that ruined. Instead, you move plans around and try not to get soaked in the process. When everyone still ends up laughing and carrying on, even though nothing went as planned. Those are the days military families have come to love! 

Social distancing has made it more difficult to look forward to summer this year. But that doesn’t mean that with a little bit of safety and consciousness, you can’t still take in the best activities possible. Plan for your favorite summer events for a way to enjoy the best things about summer with all of your best military family members. 

What will you do this summer for fun?