Where are my coffee drinkers at? With a busy schedule and a coffee shop around each corner, I’m not the only one who has taken this habit to the extreme. Not only do I love a good jolt of caffeine, but it’s pretty much my only vice … so I let myself have it. I don’t drink or smoke, not a soda drinker or energy drink consumer, yet coffee!!

Depending on my schedule, I’ll have up to four cups a day … and it’s weak at that. I get jittery on too much caffeine. But I also try and cut back on the sugar. Ideally, I’d drink it black, but that has yet to happen. Instead, I use coconut milk (unsweet has fewer carbs) and local honey, which also helps with my seasonal allergies. Sometimes I drop in some cinnamon too.

If I have the time, I’ll heat up the milk and honey in a mason jar, then pop on a lid and shake like crazy. It comes out frothy and delicious. (Yes they make milk frothers, but it was one more thing I didn’t want on my counter.) But most days I just pour a little of this and that and stir. It’s sweet, it’s yummy, and it comes with minimal extra stuff I don’t need.

These and other tips can help make your daily caffeine a treat that doesn’t get out of control. For instance:

If you want to cut back on sugar but like the sweet, try honey or stevia. Some dairy alternatives offer different tastes with fewer calories, but half and half is your keto diet’s BFF. Coconut or almond milk can be so yummy as a latte! And then there’s always tea!

The biggest takeaway to making your coffee healthier is to make it at home. Yes, it’s more work, but it’s easier on the wallet and much nicer on the body. Places like Starbucks pump you full of flavored syrups. Yes, it’s tasty, but not very healthy. And if you invest in a nice coffee maker — either a single-serve or frother, you can do it quickly. Just be sure to use reusable pods to cut down on cost and environmental waste.

How do you do your daily coffee routine?